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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Smith County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Smith County ClerkPO Box 171RaleighMS39153601-782-4334
Smith County Marriage License123 Main StreetRaleighMS39153601-782-9481
Mize City Town Hall109 W MAGNOLIA StMizeMS39116601-733-2221
Raleigh City Hall150 Main StreetRaleighMS39153601-782-4672
Taylorsville City HallEATON StTaylorsvilleMS39168601-785-6531
Smith County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Smith County Clerk's Office Website
Smith County Divorce Certificates
Smith County Genealogy and History Network Genealogy Records
Smith County Health Department Website
Smith County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples 3,126 (53.4%)
Unmarried Couples 250 (1.6%)
Never Married Men 1,712 (27.9%)
Never Married Women 1,547 (23.0%)
Separated Men 33 (0.5%)
Separated Women 248 (3.7%)
Widowed Men 117 (1.9%)
Widowed Women 1,075 (16.0%)
Divorced Men 526 (8.6%)
Divorced Women 653 (9.7%)

Find Out About Marriage Records in Smith County

Marriage Records in Smith County, Mississippi is public record, but they can only be viewed by the individuals named on the application. Applying for records such as this can only be done at the county office where the ceremony took place or at the county building. These public records can then be given to anybody who is requesting them, including the prospective soon-to-be husband or wife. There are a couple of things that you should know about obtaining these records.

If you’re applying for marriage records in Smith County, you should be prepared to fill out an application. There is a fee to pay for processing one, but it isn’t much. It’s based on the number of pages you want scanned. After the payment is received the records will then be processed. Depending on the county the processing can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the demand for the records. If a couple’s marriage record is in question, it can’t be located online because of privacy laws.

The cost varies with each county. Some charge a flat fee for access to the marriage records while others might let you look up for a flat rate fee and give you access to the records after you pay. These records contain information regarding both the husband and the wife’s names, their parents’ names and the marriage license number as well. You’ll also find out if there are any children or other people involved in the marriage. Birth dates are also listed.

Typically the reason why someone is performing an investigation on you is either to gather information for a court case, to check on your background or to verify the information they have obtained from you is accurate. They will usually have to send you a copy of the application along with proof that you were legally married. After this is received, you can begin processing the records.

It might take several days before you have access to the marriage records in Smith County. The reason behind the wait time is due to all of the information being processed. Most counties have databases that are processed immediately. The county clerk usually sends out the information to the requester via email. It can take up to a week to receive the information once it has been electronically processed.

Once you have access to the marriage records, you can then go through them to find any information that may be useful. For example, if someone else in your life was married, you could use this information to help you locate your family members. This can also help you check on the marriages of your ancestors. The Internet can make a person’s life much easier these days. Everyone has access to this information at the click of a mouse, and it’s free to anyone who requests it.

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