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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Noxubee County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Noxubee County ClerkPO Box 550MaconMS39341662-726-5834
Noxubee County Marriage License505 Jefferson StreetMaconMS39341601-726-5737
Brooksville City Hall100 East Main StreetBrooksvilleMS39739662-738-5531
Noxubee County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Noxubee County Circuit Court Clerk's Office Website
Noxubee County Divorce Certificates
Noxubee County Health Department Website
Noxubee County Marriage Certificates & Records
Noxubee County Public Library Genealogy Records
Married Couples 1,526 (38.1%)
Unmarried Couples 106 (1.0%)
Never Married Men 1,828 (45.1%)
Never Married Women 1,716 (37.3%)
Separated Men 83 (2.0%)
Separated Women 236 (5.1%)
Widowed Men 208 (5.1%)
Widowed Women 539 (11.7%)
Divorced Men 312 (7.7%)
Divorced Women 340 (7.4%)

Marriage Records by County in Mississippi

You can search marriage records in Noxubee County, Mississippi for whatever purpose. It is essential to know the right place to find information. These public records are available to anyone who has a computer and Internet connection. Marriage Records in Noxubee County is now digitized and available to access by any member of the public through online searches, faxing or mailing a request. State laws mandate that these files be made accessible to all who need them and who are supposed to benefit from them. You must follow the requirements and procedures stated in your privacy statement when you wish to search for information.

Marriage Records in Noxubee County are considered public information. That means anyone is entitled to use them for any purpose. Marriage Records in Noxubee County may be used as background information by employers, insurers, potential employers, etc. The information is used as a means of determining an individual’s dependability and integrity. It also allows for the proper documentation of genealogical history and family history. When you require a copy of someone’s public records, you may be able to legally claim their identity and obtain access to other important information.

The marriage records available through Noxubee County are updated and accurate on a monthly basis. You can receive notifications by e-mail or regular mail regarding any changes in information. Marriage records in the county are not forwarded to third parties. It is necessary to keep the records in the custody of the County Clerk and it is the duty of the County Clerk to update and maintain the records. Marriage Records in Noxubee County is preserved as a public record and is updated every year.

Marriage Records in Noxubee County is confidential. State law protects the information and the laws of Mississippi and all fifty states. The laws of Mississippi and all fifty states protect the privacy rights of individuals. The information contained within the public records cannot be used for anything other than the information provided. It must always be kept in the strictest of confidence and only one party involved in the process may have authorized access to the information at any given time.

If you wish to view or find out more about a person’s history, marriage records in Noxubee County can provide you with an excellent starting point. Marriage Records is easily accessible through the internet. There are many reputable companies online that can help you locate the information you need. Some websites specialize in only marriage records and offer a wide range of information. Marriage Records in Noxubee County may contain birth, death and divorce records. Marriage Records in Noxubee County may also provide information on remarriage and other civil proceedings.

Noxubee County is quite extensive in its public records database. Most counties have public records available, but few have the number of records as does Noxubee County. Marriage Records in Noxubee County is maintained by the county office and are usually accessible on their website. However, if you have any further questions about a particular record, you may wish to contact the county office for assistance. These offices often have professionals available to assist you with any questions or queries you may have.

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