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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Jefferson County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Jefferson County ClerkPO Box 1047FayetteMS39069601-786-8594
Jefferson County Marriage License1483 Main StreetFayetteMS39069601-786-3422
Fayette City Hall59 MEDGAR EVERS BlvdFayetteMS39069601-786-3682
Jefferson County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Jefferson County Divorce Certificates
Jefferson County Genealogy Records
Jefferson County Health Department Website
Jefferson County Marriage Certificates & Records
Jefferson Davis County Circuit Clerk Website
Married Couples 656 (26.7%)
Unmarried Couples 84 (1.2%)
Never Married Men 1,523 (51.8%)
Never Married Women 1,226 (42.1%)
Separated Men 49 (1.7%)
Separated Women 131 (4.5%)
Widowed Men 339 (11.5%)
Widowed Women 522 (17.9%)
Divorced Men 310 (10.5%)
Divorced Women 233 (8.0%)

Marriage Records in Jefferson County, Mississippi

With the freedom of access to marriage records in Jefferson County, Mississippi comes a large number of searches for these records. The Freedom of Information Act made these public in the past decade. Today, the majority of states still do not have this type of law. Therefore, it is important to understand the process involved in searching these public documents.

To begin, one may want to search for the specific county where the wedding took place. In addition, the person’s name on the application may also help one to narrow down the list of possible records. The person may need to supply as many details as possible, such as their full names and date of birth. This can narrow down the results considerably. Also, many counties now hold more than one marriage record. One may want to try searching for both of these records as close to the same time as possible.

If one is looking for actual information about the license itself, there is a simple way to do this. The Mississippi State Department of Health and Human Services website has a list of licensed marriage license locations. One simply clicks on the state where the license was obtained and from there can see the name of the license holder. From there, the person can search for additional information regarding the marriage license including the name of the officiant and other relevant information. However, one should be aware that these records are not readily available to the general public. Therefore, it is recommended that one use the official website for the information.

Finally, if one is trying to learn more about a particular part of history regarding marriage, this is a great place to turn. Within the Health and Human Services website is a very thorough timeline detailing marriage-related events in the state. It provides information on all the marriages that occurred in the past 100 years. Therefore, going back even before the current administration may provide an interesting glimpse into how weddings were conducted in past times. Moreover, one may find an interesting story or two, something that they may not have known about otherwise.

Whatever one’s motive for researching marriage records in Mississippi, one can be rest assured that one is not alone in the quest. In fact, the National Marriage Index has a list of all the states that are included within the index along with their respective information regarding marriage records within their states. Therefore, one does not necessarily have to travel anywhere in order to gain this information. All one needs to do is access the website and begin making searches.

However, the information found at these sites cannot be used in any way to locate an individual’s original documents. This information may be used, however, in conjunction with other types of records available at various public libraries and genealogy centers throughout the nation. In order to protect one’s privacy, the use of these services may be limited to a certain extent. Individuals still have much to gain from using these services because one can learn so much about other times in one’s life by reviewing the records.

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