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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Adams County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Adams County ClerkPO Box 1048NatchezMS39121601-442-0199
Adams County Clerk1 Old Courthouse RoadNatchezMS39120601-446-6684
Adams County Marriage License115 South Wall StreetNatchezMS39120601-446-6326
Natchez City Hall124 South Pearl StreetNatchezMS39120601-445-7500
Adams County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Adams County Circuit Clerk Website
Adams County Circuit Clerk's Office Marriage Records
Adams County Divorce Certificates
Adams County Genealogy Records
Adams County Health Department Website
Adams County Marriage Certificates & Records
Adams County Website (Mississippi)
Married Couples 4,173 (36.3%)
Unmarried Couples 347 (1.2%)
Never Married Men 5,522 (43.8%)
Never Married Women 4,449 (34.4%)
Separated Men 370 (2.9%)
Separated Women 440 (3.4%)
Widowed Men 366 (2.9%)
Widowed Women 1,623 (12.5%)
Divorced Men 1,335 (10.6%)
Divorced Women 1,801 (13.9%)

How to Search Marriage Records

Marriage Records in Adams County, Mississippi is maintained by the county and are available to anyone who requests it. The process is simple, though you will need to fill out forms and submit them to the local county clerk responsible for your area. To start the process, visit the county’s website to find out if they have an online database of information. If they do, you will then be able to log in and request your search form from their secure site. Fill it out, submit it and wait a couple of minutes while the system runs the check and finds the information you need.

Once you have your results, print them out and go over them. It is important that you verify all the information provided by the records, especially if it is critical. verify dates and locations, names and any other identifying information that might make the information more useful to you. You also need to ensure that the names on the list match those on the public records. For example, if one of the names on the list is misspelled, you should be able to correct that problem before completing your search.

In addition to being accurate, marriage records are also kept secure by the National Marriage Registration Commission. The commission issues public records on the grounds that they are public information and therefore accessible to the general public. They also check the accuracy of the information submitted by the county clerk before making it public. This ensures that the information you get is the most accurate available, allowing you to get the information you need quickly and confidentially.

While searching for marriage records in Adams County, Mississippi it is a good idea to enlist the help of some professional help. This can make the process easier and faster, especially if you are not experienced with this type of search. There are some websites that offer free services that can help you find out basic information such as the location and the names of the couple. However, using these services can leave you without important details that you will require to complete your search.

Also, there are paid services such as those found at Public Records Pro. Public Records Pro charges a fee for access to their extensive records database, but it is well worth the price. They have searchable options for all of the information you need regarding marriage records in Adams County, Mississippi including information about the couple, parents and other relevant information.

Whether you need records of a fiancee or even a potential spouse, you need to keep in mind that information provided by public records is usually considered to be public domain. As such, it is available to anyone who requests it from the court. Because of this, it is vital that you use the best services that are available. With the right information, you can find out the information you are seeking in a short amount of time.

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