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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Washington Parish Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Washington Parish Marriage LicenseWashington Parish, Courthouse Building, 908 Washington St.FranklintonLA70438985-839-4663
Angie City Hall64475 Cherry StreetAngieLA70426985-986-2444
Vernon Parish ClerkPO Box 607FranklintonLA70438985-839-4663
Washington Parish Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Washington Parish Divorce Certificates
Washington Parish Library Website
Washington Parish Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples7,318 (41.7%)
Unmarried Couples1,043 (2.3%)
Never Married Men6,421 (35.3%)
Never Married Women4,951 (25.9%)
Separated Men576 (3.2%)
Separated Women660 (3.5%)
Widowed Men809 (4.5%)
Widowed Women2,424 (12.7%)
Divorced Men2,358 (13.0%)
Divorced Women3,006 (15.7%)

Marriage Records in Wisconsin – How to Search For Them

When someone wants to find marriage records in Washington Parish, Louisiana, they need to take a little time and effort to learn all about their specific jurisdiction. Marriage records are typically maintained by the local government and are located in the County Clerk’s Office where they are stored under the appropriate heading. This includes the name of the bride, groom, parents or legal guardians, witnesses and anyone else that signs the document. It will also list the church and meeting place for the ceremony as well as the location of the marriage license.

There is a wide array of reasons people search through marriage records and the most common reason is to check to make sure the other person is not divorced. Depending on the state’s requirements, you will be required to apply for the record via mail or fax. You can also apply online directly from the state’s website. However, if the other person did not provide valid proof of the date of birth or the Social Security number within the last five years, then the records cannot be found online. This is referred to as a proof of age requirement, and it is very important to know this before starting your search.

To begin your search, you’ll need to locate the office nearest to you that deals with marriage records. Once there, you’ll be required to fill out an application for either a personal or business record search. You will likely receive the results of your search via mail within one to five days, depending on the number of documents you are searching through. It is wise to keep a copy of every document you obtain so that you can file it away if necessary. Most of the time, the documents will be filed electronically, but some of them may require you to visit the office personally.

When searching through marriage records in Wisconsin, it is very important to understand the accuracy of the records. They are basically linked together from the beginning and end of the period covered. This means that one filing might only be a few months old, while another might span over forty-years. Because of this fact, it is not uncommon for the actual dates the records cover to differ. Some people like to know as much as possible about their ancestors, while others want to know more about a particular marriage. Whatever your reason, the fact remains that you must carefully research each document before making any decisions.

The best way to start your search is to use the internet. There are a variety of reputable companies online that offer services that allow you to find marriage records in Wisconsin. All you have to do is provide the name of the person you are searching for in order to narrow your search down to specific records. These companies provide an easy to use interface that makes it simple to complete your search within a short period of time.

You may also be able to find other public information about the person you are searching for by using an internet search. Public records databases are available online that allow you to look up a person’s social security number, date of birth, and even criminal history. If you have a person in mind, the use of public records can help to put you in touch with them. As mentioned earlier, you should use a reputable company to get access to marriage records in Wisconsin.