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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Richland Parish Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Richland Parish Marriage License708 North Julia StreetRayvilleLA71269318-728-4171
Epps Town Hall120 Maple StRayvilleLA71269318-926-5224
Red River Parish ClerkPO Box 119RayvilleLA71269318-728-4171
Richland Parish Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Richland County Genealogy Records
Richland Parish Divorce Certificates
Richland Parish Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples 3,415 (45.5%)
Unmarried Couples 330 (1.7%)
Never Married Men 2,712 (34.3%)
Never Married Women 2,578 (29.9%)
Separated Men 387 (4.9%)
Separated Women 444 (5.1%)
Widowed Men 228 (2.9%)
Widowed Women 941 (10.9%)
Divorced Men 818 (10.3%)
Divorced Women 997 (11.6%)

How To Search For Marriage Records In Richmond Parish

Marriage Records in Richland Parish Louisiana is held in the Clerk’s Office of Richland Parish. You can go to this office directly or at your local county records office. In the case of marriage records you’ll need to show proof of your legal marriage license (either a license or a certificate from your country of origin will do) and you’ll need a copy of your civil status certification. Once you’re through with everything, just give them a call and they’ll quickly produce a report on your file (usually in no more than a day) and give it back to you for signature. They will also ask you for proof of the date of your marriage and the name of the groom and bride as well as their parents or legal guardians if different.

There are several reasons why someone might want to obtain these records. For example a friend or relative might want to know more about his family tree and family history. If you’re looking for genealogy information, there are plenty of places where you can search for marriage records. Also, if you’re starting a new relationship or looking to expand your current social network, marriage records will be a great way to start. And of course, if you’re just trying to check up on someone and see what he or she’s been up to, you can also use this record to obtain some info too.

The marriage records that you can get hold of in Richland Parish are basically collected in two ways. There are physical places where these records are kept like courthouses and police stations. You can also request your records online though. The most popular way is by going online to one of the many sites that offer these marriage records. Most of these sites are actually databases of marriage records from all over the country that are available to you for a fee.

It’s very easy to use these sites because all you do is give them information about the name of the person you’re searching for, age, birth date etc. And within seconds you’ll have your results. However, you should know that each state usually has its own rules when it comes to searching for records and accessing data from them. So, if you want to access more detailed information, you’ll have to go to the county office and request a copy.

So how do you go about doing this? Well, the best thing would be to first find a list of counties in the state you live in, and then from there, search for marriage records. Once you find one you want to search for, you’ll have to provide details like the name of the couple, the names of the parents etc. It might also help to provide a place where they got married, and if there is any documentary proof as to the date etc. Of course, if you’re searching for marriage records on your own, then you’ll have to personally visit the county offices and request them.

Once you’ve done so, then you just have to wait for a few days for your records to be mailed over to you. And then you can either use them or just come back to them later on. But be warned that if you don’t have a computer at home, then it might be a little difficult for you to browse through your results and compare them. So, all in all, it’s not that difficult to get these records and if you’re in the Richmond Parish, that means you’ll be getting your documents very soon.

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