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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Adair County Clerk424 Public SquareColumbiaKY42728270-384-2801
Adair County Marriage License424 Public SquareColumbiaKY42728270-384-2801
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Married Couples3,785 (53.3%)
Unmarried Couples236 (1.3%)
Never Married Men2,568 (32.3%)
Never Married Women2,027 (24.8%)
Separated Men117 (1.5%)
Separated Women93 (1.1%)
Widowed Men205 (2.6%)
Widowed Women1,269 (15.5%)
Divorced Men972 (12.2%)
Divorced Women848 (10.4%)

Where Can I Find Marriage Records in Adair County?

What are marriage records? Well, the answer is simple. They are the official files pertaining to marriages that took place in a particular county or state. In Kentucky, marriage license records must be secured by the individuals concerned. The process usually entails requesting them from the county where the marriage took place.

However, there are other ways of obtaining them. You can make use of the Vital Records Office in your county, which will then forward the information you request to the Office of Vital Records and Research Services of Adair County. From there, you can either get it on disc or have it scanned and uploaded for future use. Both these methods usually take around three weeks or a month depending on how much activity you are expecting.

What if I want to check up someone’s information? You can either visit the Office of Vital Records and Research Services in Adair County directly or order to receive the information electronically. Both methods normally require a small fee. Depending on the number of records you want to look up, you might be required to pay more than once.

How are marriage records classified? These days, they are categorized according to the data provided. For instance, if the event took place in July, then all the records of marriages performed during that time will be classified as summer records. Conversely, records of a marriage that took place in January will be classified as winter records. This is done so that geographical boundaries do not interfere with each other.

Are there any other resources besides just the county website that I can use to obtain marriage records? Yes, there are other online resources for you to check out. Some of these are specialized, while others are general. However, the most convenient would probably be the county website since it contains a lot of information about the records in question. You will also find several public record search engines that contain important information such as these.

Do I have to pay anything for using marriage records in Adair County? In a word, no. As mentioned above, you will only pay for the one-time search through the county website. After this, you can perform your own search through any of the public record search engines. And if you want to, you can even buy the results of your own research!