Saline County Kansas Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Saline County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Saline County Clerk300 West Ash StreetSalinaKS67401785-309-5820
Saline County Marriage License300 West Ash StreetSalinaKS67401785-309-5831
Gypsum City Clerk521 Maple StreetGypsumKS67448785-536-4296
Salina City Hall300 West Ash StreetSalinaKS67401785-309-5832
Saline County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Gypsum Hill Cemetery Burial Records
Salina Parks & Recreation Department Cemetery Records
Salina Public Library Database
Saline County Marriage Certificates & Records
Saline County Sheriff's Office Inmate Search
Married Couples10,528 (47.2%)
Unmarried Couples1,410 (2.6%)
Never Married Men7,240 (33.1%)
Never Married Women5,485 (24.4%)
Separated Men176 (0.8%)
Separated Women380 (1.7%)
Widowed Men847 (3.9%)
Widowed Women2,182 (9.7%)
Divorced Men2,502 (11.4%)
Divorced Women3,609 (16.1%)

Information About Marriage Records

Marriage Records in Saline County, Kansas is maintained by the Saline County Record Office. To access the files, you must contact this office directly. You can also make use of the online service provided by Kansas Vital Records web site. The basic information about the marriage records consists of the names of the couple, their parents’ names and the year of the wedding.

The state laws allow anyone to access the records of marriage for whatever purpose like checking on a prospective partner, conducting genealogical research or checking on the marital status of someone. In some cases you may also have to conduct an authorized search to gather important information about someone. Sometimes the records of marriages may be required for legal proceedings like application for a marriage or divorce. When you conduct a search, it normally depends on the information provided by the person about the date of marriage and the location where the marriage was conducted. The documentations are available with the Central Kansas Record Registry and the National Marriage Register.

After conducting an investigation, you will come across several documents. These documents have useful information like the personal particulars of the couple, the names of the witnesses and the parents of the couple. If the investigation leads to a relationship between two individuals, then you will get a birth certificate also. The certificate has the place of address of the individual. Similarly a death certificate will show all the information like the place and time of death, marital status etc. Marriage records can also be used for genealogy research.

State law provides three different ways to conduct a search. The first one is to visit the county office directly and request for records. The second method is to visit the concerned state office and make the request through mail. The third and the most modern method of searching marriage records are through online services provided by the several commercial record providers.

However, the results are not always accurate. Even if the information you get is correct, it may be wrong because of the possibility of clerical errors. It is highly recommended to use the paid services as the results are more reliable and are often backed up by physical proof. You may also find some information to be incomplete.

There are many people who wonder why the county office maintains the marriage records. The answer is quite straightforward. For one, the records are required to check on the number of marriages that took place in the particular year. For another thing, the records are kept for statistical purposes. Thus the county has to know about the number of marriages that took place so as to know how to distribute the number of marriages that take place in the future.