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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Russell County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Russell County Clerk401 North Main StreetRussellKS67665785-483-4641
Russell County Marriage LicensePo Box 876RussellKS67665785-483-5641
Dorrance City Hall523 Main StreetDorranceKS67634785-666-4459
Gorham City Hall119 2nd StreetGorhamKS67640785-637-5288
Lucas City Clerk201 South Main StreetLucasKS67648785-525-6425
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Russell County District Court Website
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Russell County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples1,707 (54.0%)
Unmarried Couples191 (2.8%)
Never Married Men708 (24.0%)
Never Married Women383 (13.6%)
Separated Men11 (0.4%)
Separated Women40 (1.4%)
Widowed Men51 (1.7%)
Widowed Women424 (15.1%)
Divorced Men338 (11.4%)
Divorced Women324 (11.5%)

Marriage Records in Russell County Kansas – How to Locate Marriage Records

One of the things you may be looking for when researching marriage records in Russell County Kansas is where to find them. You will find a wide variety of different public records services that keeping marriage records in Kansas. In Russell County there are marriage records maintained by the individual states. The records are typically linked to the individual state from where the couple met and/or where the ceremony was held. Many of these records are not available to the general public due to privacy laws. If the couple has stipulated that they want their wedding records sealed from the public, the records may not be shared with the general public.

Marriage records in Russell County can be used for research purposes. Genealogists and historians can often find information about wedding couples from records in this area. Using county information sources, the public can obtain marriage records for individuals who were married in this county at particular times or places. A good place to find records of the period prior to your date of birth would be the Historical Society of Russell County. There you can search using your county’s records to locate marriage records for that time period.

Some of the records available through the Historical Society of Russell County are actually free; however, they do encourage citizens to assist in the maintenance of these records. By conducting an online search, you can locate marriage records for any county in the United States. When searching the records, you will be given specific information regarding each record available, such as the name of the couple, their birth date, social security number, and their legal standing at the time of the marriage. These vital records are also indexed so that the search can be conducted quickly and easily.

Marriage records are considered public information. Therefore, anyone who is interested in accessing these records can do so with little difficulty. Most county courthouses keep the records online, but you may also be able to access them through requests through the courts or through request lists maintained by the Social Security Administration or the National Archives. In addition, certain states provide the information directly to the public; others require the submission of request forms. State governments typically provide more information than do federal government agencies.

The fee that is required in order to view some of these records is very reasonable. In some instances, you may be asked to pay a small processing charge when requesting records from the state or county. Some of these records are available for a fee because they were generated by a computerized database. In addition to viewing these records, you can also get copies. The cost of each copy may vary depending on the record you request and the state you live in.

It’s possible for someone to have a criminal record and not have been married for many years. If this is the case, the person may still be able to obtain marriage records in Russell County. However, it is also possible to have criminal records and not be married for many years. If you do find an entry of marriage from an unknown source, you may be able to request an official certificate of marriage. These are often issued by the county where the marriage was recorded.