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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Norton County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Norton County Clerk105 South Kansas AvenueNortonKS67654785-877-5710
Norton County Marriage License105 S Kansas/Po Box 70NortonKS67654785-877-5710
Edmond City Clerk25838 2nd StLenoraKS67645785-567-7649
Norton County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Kansas Judicial Branch Website - Norton County
Norton County Divorce Certificates
Norton County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples1,037 (54.4%)
Unmarried Couples109 (2.3%)
Never Married Men903 (33.3%)
Never Married Women317 (16.2%)
Separated Men82 (3.0%)
Separated Women27 (1.4%)
Widowed Men89 (3.3%)
Widowed Women387 (19.8%)
Divorced Men454 (16.7%)
Divorced Women183 (9.4%)

Marriage Records – Get the Most Reliable Information Online

Marriage Records in Norton County, Kansas is kept in the various county offices. The first step would be to contact your local office to find out if they keep such records or not. They might not have access to it for privacy reasons. Also ask the county clerk to see if the records can be accessed online and the response might be another story altogether. The clerk usually would have no problem with giving you access to such records but their only suggestion is that you contact them directly.

There are several commercial providers of online services that offer to let you view these records for free. The problem is these providers are not always up to date and there can be many legal issues involved when using such services. Some of these records might also be fake and not updated, which would make you as a consumer and even yourself as a legal citizen to deal with. And yes some of these providers can really help you get access to these records.

The most popular provider of online records is Intellius. It has got access to all the marriage and divorce records in the state of Kansas. It is also the oldest provider and is trusted by people who want to keep track of their marital status. The good thing about this is that it also provides you with online search feature where you can specify the state you are interested in and it will give you results that are specific to that state. It also has an option for viewing all the records in a particular state together with their marriage license number, year of birth and the name of the couple.

It will give you information such as the name of the couple, their parents and witnesses. But it also allows you to restrict which records you want to access. You can view only those records that pertain to you or your partner. So if one of you is named as the witness then you can not access the other person’s records. This is very useful especially when it comes to genealogy searches and performing background checks.

This service also has an option of restricting how many pages of records you want to have access to. You can choose from unlimited search options which give you complete detail on marriage records and even more. You can perform multiple searches with just one click of the mouse. Moreover, you can always run a preliminary check with unlimited searches which only displays the first results.

It is very easy to find information about marriage records as many states have put up their records online for anyone to access. All you have to do is type in your name in any one of the search boxes and wait for the system to fetch you the information you need. It is advisable to run a preliminary check on the records to make sure they are as authentic as the websites say they are.