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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Clay County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Clay County Clerk712 5th StreetClay CenterKS67432785-632-2552
Clay County Marriage License712 5th StreetClay CenterKS67432785-632-3443
Green City Clerk904 Highland StGreenKS67447785-944-3330
Longford City Clerk101 WEDA StLongfordKS67458785-388-2124
Morganville City Clerk207 Main StMorganvilleKS67468785-926-3070
Clay County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Clay County Cemetery List
Clay County District Court Website
Clay County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples 1,994 (58.5%)
Unmarried Couples 63 (0.8%)
Never Married Men 614 (18.8%)
Never Married Women 525 (15.9%)
Separated Men 16 (0.5%)
Separated Women 31 (0.9%)
Widowed Men 102 (3.1%)
Widowed Women 325 (9.8%)
Divorced Men 456 (13.9%)
Divorced Women 359 (10.9%)

How to Find Marriage Records

Kentucky’s Marriage Records in Clay County, Kansas is maintained by the county. To access your record, you will need to contact your county clerk and inquire about a copy of your record. To find out more about Marriage Records in Clay County, Kentucky you may use an online search. You can find records of marriages, divorce, legal separation and even death. The information provided is fully confidential and is maintained in accordance with the requirements of the state’s Privacy Act.

Marriage records that are held by the county are available for public access. To find the information, all you need to do is conduct a public records search using one of the online public record search directories that are available. These online public record search directories allow you to search the information you need quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your own home.

The Marriage Records in Clay County, Kentucky includes names of the bride and groom along with their parents or guardian. The marriage license also shows the names of those who sponsored the wedding, and witnesses such as a judge or clergyman who witnessed the marriage. This information provides vital information to people who are planning a marriage or perhaps researching family history. You can use these marriage records as research material, as they provide an insight into the lives of the people who were married.

Marriage records in Clay County, Kentucky are protected by the Freedom of Information Act. Therefore, they are accessible to the public. However, certain limitations apply. Under the Freedom of Information Act you have the right to view all records if you have a legitimate reason for doing so.

Under the state law, you can use the services of an online public record search directory. Such a site can help you get a complete history on someone. Such searches allow you to check whether a person has any criminal convictions and on file arrest warrants. You also get details about the divorces that took place. The details that you get are more reliable than what you get from county offices.

If you are planning to get married or maybe to research your family tree, you need to make sure that the person you are marrying is legally divorced. Marriage records in Kentucky are considered to be public information and anyone can make use of them for whatever purpose they deem necessary. You should be careful while making use of such records. The information provided by marriage records in Kentucky is updated and there is no guarantee that the information provided is correct. Hence, it is advised that you should only use the services of a reliable public record search directory that has been certified by the Department of Health of Kentucky.

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