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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Wayne County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Wayne County Clerk301 East Main StreetFairfieldIL62837618-842-5182
Wayne County Marriage License302 East Main StreetFairfieldIL62837618-842-5182
Cisne City Hall403 Park StreetCisneIL62823618-673-2411
Geff City Hall220 West Mechanic StreetJeffersonvilleIL62842618-897-2223
Village Of Sims Town Hall501 South Railroad StreetSimsIL62886618-895-2761
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Married Couples3,886 (54.6%)
Unmarried Couples357 (2.2%)
Never Married Men1,547 (23.2%)
Never Married Women1,119 (16.4%)
Separated Men99 (1.5%)
Separated Women23 (0.3%)
Widowed Men265 (4.0%)
Widowed Women802 (11.8%)
Divorced Men749 (11.3%)
Divorced Women831 (12.2%)

Where to Find Marriage Records in Wayne County Illinois

Searching for marriage records in Wayne County is very easy these days thanks to the internet. Online you can find out what all is contained in a marriage record, as well as the particulars of the couple, the officiant and the date of the wedding. There are a lot of websites that offer this kind of service and most have search capabilities to allow you to do some preliminary investigating.

Marriage records are not only important for someone looking to remarry or find out if someone is married, but they can be quite helpful in many other ways. If someone has been divorced or widowed, you can sometimes use the marriage records to find out more about them. They may tell you things about their former spouse that you didn’t know, such as where they grew up and whether they were involved in crime. They may even provide information about their new spouse, such as whether or not they have a criminal record. This information can be incredibly useful, depending on the reason you want to use it.

There are a number of different reasons why you would want to do a search of this type online. For instance, many people will use them to check on the background of someone they are involved with. If they have moved into a new area and would like to find out as much as possible about their past, it can often be useful to find this information online. You can also use it to verify the information provided by a potential employee.

Marriage records are usually filed in the county where the marriage took place. This means that the person who got married had to live there for a certain period of time, so they would have kept records of their marriage somewhere. As you may imagine, keeping records for such a long period of time can be difficult, and the county where the event took place may decide to destroy the records. If you want an online version of these documents, you won’t be able to get it unless you go to the county where the event took place.

However, some areas now offer the ability to access marriage records from other counties. By going online, you can search for as many details as you want without having to spend the time required to actually visit the county where the record is kept. You may find records of the man and woman, the date and location of the ceremony, and even the names of the bride and groom. These online services to make the whole process easy, but it does depend on the particular state where the marriage took place. If you are trying to find out more specific information, you may still have to go to the county clerk’s office.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about spending time in any county office to find the information you are looking for. With today’s online databases, you can get the information you are looking for in a matter of minutes. Instead of waiting in line to see if the information you need can be found, you can use the online services from the comfort of your own home. This makes the whole process quick and easy, and can help you save money on costs associated with using traditional methods.