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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Baldwin County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Baldwin County Clerk121 North Wilkinson StreetMilledgevilleGA31061478-445-4791
Milledgeville City Clerk119 East Hancock StreetMilledgevilleGA31061478-414-4010
Baldwin County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
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Married Couples 6,410 (39.3%)
Unmarried Couples 752 (1.8%)
Never Married Men 8,742 (45.4%)
Never Married Women 7,779 (41.0%)
Separated Men 439 (2.3%)
Separated Women 624 (3.3%)
Widowed Men 469 (2.4%)
Widowed Women 1,821 (9.6%)
Divorced Men 2,073 (10.8%)
Divorced Women 1,992 (10.5%)

How To Search For Marriage Records

There are many public records database providers in the United States. However, Georgia is one of few states that maintain their own marriage records in a centralized location. The vital records office of the state, along with county offices, are responsible for maintaining these documents. When you need information about someone’s marriage or divorce record, you can either visit these locations or do a search online. Both of these options are perfectly valid ways of conducting your search.

Because the vast majority of people search for marriage or divorce records online, it makes sense that there would be a lot of difference between the two methods of search. People typically go to the local office for convenience. You can also call them to see if there are any records available, and most will do this at no cost to you. However, if you do not have a readily available computer on which to conduct your search, many of these offices will not perform searches without your permission first.

If you are wondering how they get all of this information. It is not easy. Most states require a person to file for a request for their public records. Usually this involves going to the county office and filling out some paperwork. Once this paperwork has been filed, it may take up to a month to receive your results, depending on how far away the state you live from the county office.

What if you are interested in searching for someone’s records at the privacy of your own home? In previous times you had to rely on the physical files in the county office. They would be able to pull your information from the microfilm, but at a very high cost. With today’s advances in technology, however, we now have online databases that allow us to access these records. You will need a credit card, and you may find that you pay a rather large fee for the privilege of obtaining the information you seek.

You can do several things with the marriage records. You can find out if someone has ever gone through a marriage ceremony. You can also look up information on someone’s parents. Or perhaps you want to check to see if someone has a criminal record. Online sites allow you to access these records in complete privacy.

The information available can sometimes be overwhelming. There are many different pieces to the puzzle that make up a complete record. This makes it difficult for someone who does not know much about the subject to put together the pieces. If you are searching for marriage records in Baldwin County Georgia, you should contact the offices directly. They will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.

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