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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Leon County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Leon Clerk Circuit Court301 South Monroe StreetTallahasseeFL32301850-577-4000
Leon County Marriage License301 South Monroe StreetTallahasseeFL32301850-577-4060
Tallahassee City Hall300 South Adams StreetTallahasseeFL32301850-891-0000
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City of Tallahassee Burial Records
City of Tallahassee Burial Records (Tallahassee, Florida)
Leon County Clerk County Records
Leon County Clerk Marriage Applications
Leon County Clerk Marriage Records
Leon County Clerk Marriage Records (Florida)
Leon County Clerk of Courts Website
Leon County Department of Health Vital Records
Leon County Divorce Certificates
Leon County Marriage Certificates & Records


Married Couples 43,048 (38.3%)
Unmarried Couples 7,322 (2.7%)
Never Married Men 54,775 (48.4%)
Never Married Women 57,331 (44.8%)
Separated Men 1,083 (1.0%)
Separated Women 2,134 (1.7%)
Widowed Men 1,915 (1.7%)
Widowed Women 7,850 (6.1%)
Divorced Men 9,225 (8.1%)
Divorced Women 14,955 (11.7%)

Where Can I Find Marriage Records in Florida?

Marriage Records in Leon County Florida is available for viewing by anyone who is in the market for such public records. These records are basically the files or indexes created by the County where the marriage took place, and they contain all the information you would ever need to know about a marriage. Marriage records are also kept by County Clerks, whose job it is to keep the registries up to date. Information contained in these documents are mostly about the personal particulars of the couple, their parents and other immediate family members. You can get access to marriage and divorce records for yourself, your partner and anyone else you may require them for.

The State of Florida has created its own records section, which contains data on all people who have applied for and obtained a certificate of marriage. In Leon County, this section is managed by the Clerk of Court. You can use this website for various purposes, including checking on marriage records. All you need to do is provide the information you require on the online form, and you will be given access to whatever information you may require. This information is basically confidential but is accessible to the public.

There are several reasons why people would require access to marriage records. They may be involved in some kind of legal proceedings, such as applying for a passport, applying for immigration or changing a name (renewal). For this reason, they will most likely need to get access to such records to verify that they have indeed married the person they claim to be. People also use these records to check on others, especially those with whom they have had a previous relationship, especially if they have children together.

Marriage records can be requested from the County where the event happened by going to the office or by requesting them through the mail. The process of requesting one is actually quite simple, as all you need to do is fill up the application form with the necessary information. It’s important to remember that the records are not supposed to be viewed by the general public, so you may need a court order in order to obtain it. You can still look at them though, just as long as you don’t release any information. The process is quite straightforward, and they are no longer considered as top secret. It used to be that marriage records in Florida were only available through the court system until recent years, when they were made open to the public.

The cost of getting marriage records in Florida has always been quite high, mostly because it was difficult for the state to collect all the data it required, which leads to the high fees that people usually pay for it now. Some counties in Florida actually charge for the information you are requesting, which makes it even more difficult for the individual to get the information they need. In addition, some counties require a security deposit, which has to be paid before gaining access to the records. This deposit cannot be refunded, so it’s usually best to ask if you are unsure of what the fee entails.

You can go online to find out more about marriage records in Florida and other details, but the process is not really that simple. Most of the details would already be available free of charge, but you will have to pay for the actual records you are after. There are public records databases online that you can use, but they do not provide you with all the information you might be looking for. It’s better if you use a private investigative service that will perform background checks and get you the information you need in one swoop. This method requires paying for the actual records, but the information you get from them is very detailed, complete and up to date.

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