La Plata County Colorado Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
La Plata County Clerk Offices
La Plata County Clerk98 Everett StreetDurangoCO81303719-346-8133
La Plata County Clerk455 East Colorado DriveBayfieldCO81122970-884-9382
Colorado Clerk1060 East 2nd AvenueDurangoCO81301970-247-2304
La Plata County Town & City Halls
Bayfield Town Hall11 West Mill StreetBayfieldCO81122970-884-9544
Durango City Hall949 East 2nd AvenueDurangoCO81301970-375-5000
Ignacio Town Hall540 Goddard AvenueIgnacioCO81137970-563-9494
La Plata County Marriage License Office
La Plata County Marriage License98 Everett StreetDurangoCO81303970-382-6280
La Plata County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
La Plata County Divorce Certificates
La Plata County Marriage Certificates & Records


Married Couples10,974 (50.3%)
Unmarried Couples1,172 (2.2%)
Never Married Men7,836 (34.1%)
Never Married Women6,188 (27.2%)
Separated Men180 (0.8%)
Separated Women127 (0.6%)
Widowed Men539 (2.3%)
Widowed Women1,540 (6.8%)
Divorced Men2,544 (11.1%)
Divorced Women2,803 (12.3%)

What Is the Purpose of Checking Marriage Records?

Marriage Records in La Plata County Colorado is maintained by the Clerk of Court, Office of the Clerk. Each county in Colorado has its own responsibilities and duties to those that apply to them under state law. In addition, each county is responsible for the maintenance of its own records, under federal law.

The office maintains two types of records. One type of records are those that are filed or retained with the courts directly; the other type are those that are filed with the office and then forwarded to the courts. Marriage records are one of the first public records that are retained. If you are doing an Online Search, it would be a good idea to check each county’s marriage records first, in case any record that you are searching for has been previously published or is no longer available in that specific county.

It is always best to conduct your searches from a reliable site that can help you locate the information you are looking for. These sites will usually offer an inexpensive fee, so that you will not have to pay any costly lawyer or private investigator. Also, there are some sites that allow you to search free of charge. It just depends on what kind of records you want to find.

As stated above, each state has its own laws when it comes to marriage records. Therefore, the information contained within the records is also in accordance with state laws. If you wish to check whether a person is divorced or not, or how long they have been married, you may go to the official website of the county where the marriage took place. You will be able to find out all of this information. However, you should note that the information provided is considered public domain, except where it pertains to some family history matters.

Another option that is becoming popular among the individuals looking for these records, is the online option. With online records services, individuals can find what they are looking for within a matter of seconds. If you are wondering whether this is the best option for you, simply think about how long it would take you to flip through the phone book or the classifieds if you were relying solely on the records found in these sources. This option certainly beats having to hire expensive legal professionals to conduct the search for you.

Marriage records can reveal several important pieces of information. The most obvious pieces of information are whether the couple got married, when and where the wedding took place and how old they were when they got married. However, the marriage records will also tell you other vital pieces of information. For example, it will tell you the parents of the couple and their parents’ parents. In most cases, the parents of the couple still live with the bride and groom.