Navajo County Arizona Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Navajo County Clerk Office
Navajo County Clerk100 Code Talkers DriveHolbrookAZ86025928-524-4188
Navajo County Town & City Halls
Pinetop Lakeside Town Hall1360 North Niels Hansen LanePinetop-LakesideAZ85929928-368-6200
Snowflake Town Hall81 W 1st St SSnowflakeAZ85937928-536-7103
Taylor Town Hall425 Paper Mill RoadTaylorAZ85939928-536-7366
Winslow City Hall21 North Williamson AvenueWinslowAZ86047928-289-2423
Navajo County Marriage License Office
Navajo County Marriage License100 East Code Talkers Drive, South Highway 77, P.O. Box 668HolbrookAZ86025928-524-4188
Navajo County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Navajo County Clerk of The Court Marriage Applications
Navajo County Divorce Certificates
Navajo County Library District and Member Libraries Genealogy Records


Married Couples16,087 (47.0%)
Unmarried Couples2,358 (2.2%)
Never Married Men16,085 (38.7%)
Never Married Women13,609 (32.6%)
Separated Men792 (1.9%)
Separated Women1,076 (2.6%)
Widowed Men1,225 (2.9%)
Widowed Women3,974 (9.5%)
Divorced Men4,665 (11.2%)
Divorced Women5,090 (12.2%)

Steps to Take When Searching For Marriages in Navajo County Arizona

The process of how to obtain Arizona marriage records in Navajo County can be an onerous task. There are many pieces of information that must be sorted through, many of which can only be obtained from a designated official in the county. For instance, most records in Arizona require that the names of the parties involved be entered into a computer. Once that information has been entered, it is only a short matter of time before that information is fed into the system.

However, the computerization of information does not mean that it is accurate. As such, you will find yourself frustrated with the slow pace in which these records are filed and processed. If you have any questions about a particular record, you are advised to call on the county office of the concerned registrar. When you contact them, they will either be able to give you the information that you need or they will refer you to someone who can. At this point in time, it is important to stress the importance of obtaining Arizona marriage records in Navajo County before one takes the steps to tie the knot.

Once you have located the county office that you wish to file your marriage application with, you are advised to fill out a Request for Information (RAI). This form is then returned to the registrar, who will give you a statutory date for the submission of your information. Depending on what kind of information you are looking for, there may be several different ways that you can apply for this information. Many of these files are protected under privacy rights laws and only handled by people specifically within the government. If you have any questions as to whether or not a particular record can be searched, you should contact the county office and inquire about their privacy policies.

Once you have submitted your RAI, you will be required to pay a nominal fee. The fee itself is not expensive, but it can serve as a deterrent to people from searching the file. Also, if you do intend to use the information obtained, you should obtain a full-proof copy. This copy should be laminated so that it cannot be destroyed after you complete the application.

There are many different places that you can obtain Arizona marriage records. If you are unable to locate them in the county where you were married, you may be able to obtain them online. There are a number of companies that offer databases that hold information regarding each of the fifty states. When you apply for these databases, you will be asked for your own information, including names of the couple, the date of birth of each, the location where the wedding was held and more. You will then be requested to pay a small fee in order to obtain the desired information.

Because some of these online services may require you to provide identifying information, you should use caution. Before you provide any identifying information, ensure that the service is reputable. The more reputable the database, the easier it will be for you to obtain the information that you need. Once you have obtained the information that you are seeking, you should review it and try to find any discrepancies. If there are any discrepancies, you should make sure that you report them to the appropriate place.