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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Mohave County Clerk Offices
Mohave County ClerkPO Box 7000KingmanAZ86402928-753-0713
Mohave County Clerk700 West Beale StreetKingmanAZ86401928-753-0729
Bullhead City Clerk2355 Trane RoadBullheadAZ86442928-763-9400
Mohave County Town & City Halls
Bullhead City Hall2355 Trane RoadBullheadAZ86442928-763-9400
Kingman City Hall220 North 4th StreetKingmanAZ86401928-753-5561
Lake Havasu City2330 McCulloch Boulevard NorthLake HavasuAZ86403928-453-4144
Mohave County Marriage License Offices
Mohave County Marriage License401 East Spring StreetKingmanAZ86402928-753-0713
Mohave County Marriage LicenseBullhead City Office, 2225 Trane RoadBullheadAZ86442928-758-0730
Mohave County Marriage LicenseLake Havasu City Office, 2001 College DriveLake HavasuAZ86404928-453-0701
Mohave County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Mohave County Clerk of Superior Court Marriage Records
Mohave County Department of Public Health Death Records
Mohave County Government Birth Records
Mohave County Marriage Certificates & Records


Married Couples 40,202 (47.9%)
Unmarried Couples 6,455 (3.2%)
Never Married Men 23,607 (26.9%)
Never Married Women 17,262 (20.0%)
Separated Men 2,034 (2.3%)
Separated Women 2,137 (2.5%)
Widowed Men 4,361 (5.0%)
Widowed Women 11,164 (12.9%)
Divorced Men 13,437 (15.3%)
Divorced Women 13,214 (15.3%)

Marriage Records Search – Where to Find Free Marriage Records

Marriage Records in Mohave County, Arizona is maintained in the county’s Vital Statistics Office. They are maintained by the State of Arizona and are obtained from the Department of Health with the aid of the Arizona Corporation for Field Services. They are filed on the appropriate date to make it easier for all the parties involved in the marriage to obtain records and thereby making it faster to verify the data in them. The information that is contained in these files may be used for personal or for official purposes. Hence it is essential to have a copy of these records.

The marriage records of a country allow access by any citizen without any formalities or restrictions. Marriage records help to verify the marital status of a person, the true identity of the person, even help in tracking down his family history. These records are public and are accessible to anyone who is interested in obtaining it through legal means. There is no restriction on these records except that the requestor should state the purpose of searching the records.

There are certain servers that offer marriage records by the public through the Internet. People can conduct a search on their computers for the marriage records of a particular state for free. However, they have to be ready to spend some amount to get the information. The information is free but may not be found unless the right sources are contacted. The accuracy of such reports depends upon the sources and one has to make sure that they are reliable.

The other source of locating the marriage records of a particular county is through the courthouses. There are some private companies that have the complete database of marriage records. These companies charge some fees for the information but the service is still quite cheap and is worth the investment. These companies have all the details of the records of a state and are able to provide more up-to-date reports for a minimal fee.

The vital records departments of states compile the records in some centralized source. However, these are not free and one has to pay a minimal fee to access the details. The details include the names of the people, their parents and the marriage and death certificates. Such a source also offers the information about the ancestry of the individual. The public can access these records from the respective county office or any other state office that holds the records.

Free marriage records are not available. They will be availed once you register with a genuine marriage records search company. If you want the information immediately, then paid services are the best options available. You will get the report within 24 hours. The cost is nominal and is worth the services as it helps you stay connected with your family history and culture.

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