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So when going on a date with someone you don’t know for the first time ever, what is the best thing to do beforehand? Well, aside from making sure that you look sexy as hell. Yes, a background check it is.

Background checks are very important to do because they give one a sense of safety when going on a date.

You would also be at ease because you will know for sure if you are going with someone who does not have a criminal record or other history that are negative to look at. If you’re involved in online dating, it’s especially important to avoid the bad types.

So if you’re thinking to do one for your future dates, the question is- how long does a background check take?

Truth be told, background checks can take anything from a few minutes, to a long time to get done, especially if you do them manually.

The length varies depending on the scope of the check on a person. In the background checking industry, they call the time frame that a check takes- a turn-around time.

Again, it varies on the scope, such as the searches conducted, courthouse records being searched, screening services like person to person communication or even phone calling and more. These processes take a lot of time because one has to be through to make sure that the facts gathered are right and legit.

Using Online Services

Most people decide to use a background check service to get the job done for themselves. Of course, it is better to let a professional handle this. These professionals use a lot of tools to find the relevant information in request of their client. You can do one online that only takes a few minutes.

At the end of the search, they sometimes provide mixed results and sometimes there are a lot of false positives and if you want to remove those, you can sometimes be better off doing a private investigation.

Therefore, there is a thin line between a background check and a private investigation so it is very important to know just how far back you want to dig up someone’s past.

So doing a background check before going on a date may result in finding information that is very surprising and shocking but it does not mean that you should not go out with them or they are not the perfect match for you.

It can happen that the information you got is not about them but from someone of the same name or a similar one. This can seriously happen and unfortunate for some, they get in trouble for something that they didn’t do.

So you have to be careful because for all we know, the person maybe doing his best to move on from his past and make a better one instead so don’t be so quick to judge.


Depending on how far you want to go and how thorough the investigation, a check can take a short time or a lot longer.

1.) If you just want a quick check to find out if they’re dangerous (or married), you can do one online almost instantly.

2.) If you want to find out all sorts of information about their hobbies and friends, you might want to hire a private investigator or snoop their Facebook. This will generally take a lot longer.


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