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It’s like meeting the man of your dreams…and then meeting his beautiful wife. Catch 22 isn’t it? Often times we meet this amazing person only to find out (way too late) that they are already married. Unfortunately in modern times some people have lost their moral values and simply “forget” to mention that all important “I am married” fact.

If you suspect that your new love interest might be hiding his or her spouse, follow these 7 guidelines to find out if they have already tied the knot with someone else;

  1. He never introduces you to his “people” – the fact that you are being kept away from his friends and family really isn’t indicating that he wants to keep you all to himself; he wants to keep you his secret and avoid you finding out about his wife.
  2. She can only chat to you at certain times – and never answers your calls only to return them much later. Seriously, if she only has limited time slots available for you it should be sending up a red flag and have you wondering what other people and obligations are taking up the rest of her time.
  3. He won’t answer certain calls in your presence – They only reason why he should be wanting to walk away to take a phone call should be if he is planning some sort of surprise for you, and that being said, if he simply turns his phone down when he sees a certain number calling him, he might be avoiding confrontation.
  4. You are never invited over to her house – so she’s been to your place and sure spending time at restaurants and guest houses might be romantic but ever wonder what she’s hiding back at her house? The fact that she might have a husband and a kid waiting for her back home is almost guaranteed.
  5. He travels for work – a lot – We all know that some jobs have us traveling between states every now and then, definitely not every other weekend. And when he has to travel for work and the excuse of “he can’t be bothered with personal issues while working” should have you running for the hills. This man is hiding something.
  6. She only has a short space of time for you during the week and rarely on weekends – ever thought about the fact that you might just be that “quick fix” before she heads home to er hubby and kids? On weekends she is occupied with them and will almost always have excuses why she can’t see you. It’s time to face the facts that she might be keeping you on the sideline as added entertainment.
  7. He pays for everything in cash – in a time of electronic everything, people rarely carry cash on them so the fact that he is paying for your dates and gifts in cash might indicate that he is trying to hide bills and credit card statements from his wife.

Armed with these basic red flag indicators you should be able to tell if your new love interest might be hiding the fact that he is already a married man. Follow them and you could save yourself some serious heartache and disappointment.

Bonus – Perform A Background Check

You can actually use paid 3rd party services and perform a simple online background check. As long as you have the person’s name and in some cases state, you can find out in minutes whether or not they are married.

You might only want to reserve this method for those times when you really have several red flags in your mind, but for the ultimate certainty, this is probably your best bet.


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