Intelius Premier Review

What does Intelius offer?

Intelius is a people search service that enables you to locate an individual person’s information via three different search levels or packages. In this article, we run through our Intelius premier review.

The basic Intelius People Search Report provides you with a person’s full name, address, age, date of birth, aliases, address history, phone number and relatives. The People Search Plus Report gives you the basic information plus the person’s social network information and email addresses.

The Background Report is Intelius’ deluxe search service and provides you with all the information of the People Search Plus Report as well as the person’s property ownership history, criminal background, financial and legal information, neighbors and marriage/divorce records.

Each of these search services is priced differently. Each service is also intended for only one person at a time. However, you can also purchase Intelius’ Premier Plus plan and receive unlimited monthly reports- these reports include the information provided in the basic People Search Report plus email addresses. This monthly plan also provides you with one Background Report voucher each month.

Alternately, Intelius offers a 24-Hour Pass, during which time you can perform unlimited people searches and obtain names, ages, addresses, phone numbers, relatives, etc.

Intelius offers a separate Employment Background Check report, which provides additional information including a Social Security number trace, criminal database search, courthouse verification of criminal history, and a National Sex Offender Registry check.

Finally, Intelius also offers an Identity Protect plan which provides you with identity theft insurance up to $1 million plus credit and public records monitoring. This plan also gives you a free credit report.

Intelius Review How easy is it to use?

To start using Intelius premier, you simply input the name of the person you are searching for in order to receive a populated list of possible names, ages and geographic locations. If you know it, you can also input someone’s location. The site also enables you to perform a reverse phone number search.

Once you receive your initial search results, you can select the most likely person you are searching for from the list. Intelius then prompts you to pay either a one-time fee to learn more or to set up a monthly subscription.

The Intelius interface is straightforward and easy to use. Different information categories are clearly marked, and any reports you generate are saved on the site for future reference. You may also chose to have reports delivered to you in PDF.

The only real difficulty with using Intelius is that, while there are many pieces of information offered on the site for your searched person, anything that is not specified in your original report is going to cost extra. So, you might spend a lot of time clicking on report links that lead you to further payment pages. With Intelius, you’re going to be reaching for your wallet a lot.

How accurate is Intelius?

Intelius is a top notch people search engine and uses databases that other people search services don’t regularly include. As a result, the information provided by Intelius is far more likely to be correct and complete than that of other services. However, the service isn’t cheap, and even its trial version comes at a higher than average cost (compared to other search services).

Having said this, I still found some discrepancies with my search results when using Intelius’ Premier Plus plan during its 7-day trial period. When searching on the name of someone I know fairly well, I received some email address information on this person that was outdated. One of the more current email addresses was missing.

When I used the Premier Plus plan to search on another person who had moved into a new house roughly two years ago, Intelius could not find this new address and continued listing only the old one, although for the majority of people it was accurate.

On a positive note, Intelius provided me with several contact email addresses that I had not been aware of in the past. I discovered that these emails were accurate and they did reach my intended contacts. Intelius also offers a free search site ( that can help distinguish the details of several different individuals that happen to have similar names and/or geographic locations.

On the negative end, Intelius kept nudging me to purchase its many add-on services or full subscriptions at almost every step of my people searching. While I understand that every business must engage in some measure of upselling and cross-selling, this constant marketing did get annoying at times.

If you’re just using this service once or twice, it’s not a problem though.

How is Intelius’ pricing?

Intelius is not a cheap people search service. As stated before, you will be paying frequently for any additional information that you request. Intelius’ pricing structure is outlined below, with a basic People Search Report costing $3.95, a People Search Plus Report costing $9.95, and the comprehensive Background Report costing $49.95.


If you sign up for the monthly Intelius Premier Plan at $7.95 for a 7-day trial or $29.95/month, you will be able to add the aforementioned search services at their discounted rates of $0.95, $6.95 and $39.95, respectively. The Premier Plan will also provide you with a voucher for one free Background Report each month. That background report can be quite useful to you if you are a landlord who must periodically screen renters, for example, or a person who is going out on dates.

There is also the Intelius 24-Hour Pass, which costs $19.95. Intelius’ identity protection plan is $19.95/month. And finally, the site’s basic Employment Background Check Report is $59.95 and offers several service add-ons, each for an additional charge.


Given the information I was able to locate using just the trial version of the Intelius Premier Plan, I’m confident that this search service does deliver on its promises. My hesitation with using Intelius is that, in many cases, the information that it provides can be obtained for free.

For example, a free credit report can be obtained once a year from each one of the three major credit reporting agencies (Experian, TransUnion or Equifax). Many state and city courts openly list cases by last name, and you don’t even need to submit a petition in order to view the status of a case or judgment. Obituaries, sex offender records, and marriage decrees are often provided via online newspapers or police case files.

In many cases, you may already have the name, age, addresses, etc. of the person you are searching for and only need the more in-depth information like criminal history or marriage/divorce records. In such situations, you can end up paying a lot of money just to obtain someone’s court records.

If you don’t have all of this information, you want a consolidated report, or you just don’t want to go digging through records yourself, then Intelius is for you.

How easy is it to cancel Intelius?

Because I signed up for a 7-day trial with Intelius, I was nervous that my time would expire before I could cancel the service. If it did, Intelius would start charging me $29.95/month for its Premier Plan.

I decided to wait no more than two days following my trial period signup to cancel the service. You can request cancellation through email or phone; however, I decided to call Customer Service to find out how quickly and easily I could reach a live person.

It didn’t take long before I reached someone at Customer Care and was able to ask for a cancellation of my trial service. The representative did inquire as to why I was cancelling, which I hate having to answer (because I’m only reviewing the service?). However, once that call was completed, I quickly received my cancellation confirmation via email.

So, if you’re looking to simply test Intelius and find out how accurate its provided information is, you need only to sign up for its 7-day trial and pay the rather reasonable fee of $7.95. Just don’t forget to cancel your service during that same week.

Would I recommend Intelius?

Although Intelius is one of the more expensive search services on the market, it does offer better than average products. As a result, I feel that this service is worthwhile in cases where you just can’t find the information you are looking for.

However, I would limit my Intelius purchases to a “one and done” format in cases where I really had trouble finding a person’s information. I would not purchase a subscription plan because the benefits of such a plan might be limited if a person’s information can already be found online. The disclaimer to this statement is if I were part of a detective or employment agency that had to regularly screen people or potential employees. In such a case, it would be a better use of my time to have a subscription plan in place.

One of the major reasons I recommend using Intelius is because the search service, though expensive, uses due diligence to make sure its customers are satisfied with their products. When searching for Intelius reviews online, I encountered a consumer site that listed several complaints with Intelius, including incorrect and/or insufficient information. These are complaints that nearly every search service will encounter because no product is perfect.

To Intelius’ credit, the search service followed up with a majority of the listed complaints and asked for those dissatisfied consumers to contact a customer support member personally. This indicates that Intelius isn’t just trying to take money from its customers without providing a satisfactory product.

Intelius has been in business since 2003, so the company has quite a bit of history and is not some unknown or startup operation that might close up tomorrow. Intelius also collaborates with TalentWise, a job search service that many employers use to locate employees and contractors. This indicates that Intelius is an established business that is trusted by other businesses.

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