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Instant checkmate claims to be one of the best and most accurate people search engines out there and the range of services they offer are quite impressive. With their service you can quickly and efficiently look up old friends and reunite with them through the help on the speedy reports that are created by the database for you.

It can provide you with anything from addresses to phone number and credit history. From experience we all know that the world is not perfect and all things man made have flaws.

The service uses various sources of public record, criminal reports and sex offender’s listings. Something as simple as misspelling can create a disastrous outcome in this case.

Read below to find out which service we recommend instead of Instant Checkmate.


Sadly more and more customers seem to be complaining about the level of service and the accuracy they have been receiving from this website and its reports.

The most common problem seems to be the fact that customers felt they have been misled when it comes to the costs of the services offered. They would request a membership and then once they want to run a report it comes up with just some basic information that they could have found by using search engines.

They then need to pay additional costs in order to gain more access and view more informative data on the person. Not getting what the paid for is one thing that sees customers happily lodging complaints for the world to see.

Another thing that really has some unhappy customers up in arms is the fact that once they require a report to be done the results come back blank or the reports seems to contain information on someone they aren’t even aware of and obviously didn’t inquire about.

In some very worrying instances customers have requested reports on themselves and found false felony reports and credit reports.

Trying to run a background check on yourself at the cost of $30 and finding out that your ex-wife who has been deceased for 10 years is still “married” is quite a shocker. Being charged two times a month is fraudulent and having to pay extra for every other piece of information is downright scandalous.

There is however, always two sides to a coin and some of their customers have reported excellent service and accurate reports time after time.

If you are merely trying to get a hold of someone you haven’t seen in a while then yes, Instant checkmate seems to be a great starting point. However their costs are really high when you think about the fact that most of this information can be obtained for free using search engines and putting in a few hours of genuine researching.

Final Thoughts

The pros seem to be overshadowed by the cons when it comes to Instant Checkmate. This might just be a case of a booming business trying to keep it’s already drowning head above the water, but there are a lot of warning signs that point to the fact that if you are searching for accurate and up-to date relevant information that can be used in things such as pre-employment checks, credit checks and criminal record checks, Instant Checkmate isn’t safe for using.

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