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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Harris County Sheriffs Office Division 5 - Northwest Command23828 Tomball ParkwayTomballTX77377281-290-2100
Harris County Inmate & Jail Records Databases
Bellaire City Government Arraignment Records
Harris County Justice Information Management System Inmate Search
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(1384)Harris County Jails & Prisons
Clay Road Jail Harris County Ipd16715 Clay RoadHoustonTX77084
Harris County Jails & Prisons
Harris County 1200 Jail1200 Baker StreetHoustonTX77002713-221-6000
Harris County 701 Jail701 North San Jacinto StreetHoustonTX77002713-755-8430
Harris County 711 Jail711 North San Jacinto StreetHoustonTX77002713-755-1188
Harris County Bakers Street Jail1307 Baker StreetHoustonTX77002713-755-2400
Harris County Detention Center1200 Baker StreetHoustonTX77002713-755-7484
Harris County Inmate Processing Division1201 Commerce StreetHoustonTX77002
Harris County Ipd - Cypresswood Jail6831 Cypresswood DriveSpringTX77379
Harris County Ipd - Humble Jail7900 Will Clayton ParkwayHumbleTX77338
Harris County Ipd - Wallisville Jail14350 Wallisville RoadHoustonTX77049
Harris County Jail14350 Wallisville RoadHoustonTX77049713-453-6959
Harris County Juvenile Detention Center1200 Congress StreetHoustonTX77002713-222-4100
Harris County Juvenile Justice Center1200 Congress AvenueHoustonTX77002713-221-6000
Harris County Leadership Academy9120 Katy Hockley RoadKatyTX77493713-222-4600
Harris County Youth Village210 J W Mills DriveSeabrookTX77586713-222-4700
Baytown Municipal Jail3200 North Main StreetBaytownTX77521713-221-6000
Burnett Bayland Reception Center6500 Chimney Rock RoadHoustonTX77081713-221-6000
Burnett-Bayland Rehabilitation Center6500 Chimney Rock RoadHoustonTX77081713-222-4400
Fdc Houston1200 Texas AvenueHoustonTX77002713-221-5400
Houston City Central Jail61 Riesner StreetHoustonTX77002713-221-6000
Houston City Southeast Jail8300 Mykawa RoadHoustonTX77048713-221-6000
Houston Prison Farm8400 Mykawa RoadHoustonTX77048713-221-6000
Houston Processing Center15850 Export Plaza DriveHoustonTX77032281-449-1481
Kegans State Jail707 Top StreetHoustonTX77002713-224-6584
Lychner State Jail2350 Atascocita RoadHumbleTX77396281-454-5036
Pasadena City Jail1201 Davis StreetPasadenaTX77506713-221-6000
Pasadena City Jail1114 Jeff Ginn Memorial DrivePasadenaTX77506
Saipan Correctional Facility14140 Cypress North Houston RoadCypressTX77429670-236-9700
Sugar Land Jail1200 South Texas 6HoustonTX77077
Webster Jail217 Pennsylvania AvenueWebsterTX77598713-221-6000
Harris County Sheriff Departments
Harris County Sheriffs Office1200 Baker StreetHoustonTX77002713-755-6044
Harris County Sheriffs Office Division 1 - Cypresswood6831 Cypresswood DriveSpringTX77379281-376-2997
Harris County Sheriffs Office Division 2 - Humble7900 Will Clayton ParkwayHumbleTX77338281-446-9155
Harris County Sheriffs Office Division 3 - Wallisville14350 Wallisville RoadHoustonTX77049713-455-8050
Harris County Sheriffs Office Division 4 - Clay Road16715 Clay RoadHoustonTX77084281-463-2648
Jail Population Held for State Prison 260
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Prison 61
Jail Population Held for State Jail 23
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Jail 81
Jail Population Held for Federal Agencies 2
Jail Population Held for ICE
Pretrial Jail Population 5,284
Female Pretrial Jail Population 760
Male Pretrial Jail Population 4,373
Total Jail Admissions 95,419
Total Jail Population 8,914
Female Jail Population 944
Male Jail Population 7,262
Asian Jail Population 60
Black Jail Population 4,176
Latino Jail Population 278
Native Jail Population 2
White Jail Population 3,875
Total Prison Population 25,556
Female Prison Population 1,687
Male Prison Population 23,869
Total Prison Admissions 12,548
Female Prison Admissions 1,635
Male Prison Admissions 10,913
Asian Prison Admissions
Black Prison Admissions 6,421
Latino Prison Admissions 3,335
Native Prison Admissions
White Prison Admissions 2,685
Other Prison Admissions 107
Asian Prison Population
Black Prison Population 13,234
Latino Prison Population 7,533
Native Prison Population
White Prison Population 4,575
Other Prison Population 214

Jail Records – Where to Find Access to Jail Records Information

You can access public records in Texas through the Texas prison system, criminal courtrooms, and other correctional facilities. These documents are filed and maintained by the various Texas correctional facilities under the responsibility of the State of Texas. In some instances, prisoners who are eligible for sealing their jail records have been given this opportunity by the courts. These records are then sealed by the corrections department of the state prison and are only available to law enforcement agencies and certified legal firms for public access. However, information from these records can still be accessed by any authorized personnel who is authorized to do so.

To search for someone’s conviction records, you will first need to find the correct Texas penal code. The various codes are located in the texas penal code library. Once you have located the appropriate books, you will be able to identify which type of records you will be able to access. The various types of records include felony and misdemeanor charges, adjudication hearings, and all matters of a criminal nature. If the person you want to check up on is in the jail, their name will be listed along with their offense in order for you to make an authorized search.

The best time to perform a jail records search is while the person is in custody. However, access to jail records during booking can also be possible. In this instance, law enforcement personnel will have full access to the criminal history of the individual being booked. Permitting immigration officials to access the criminal past of anyone who is entering the country is also possible.

Jail records can be accessed online in various ways. Some records can be accessed via a search engine, while others require specific authorization code to gain access. When searching for jail public records, you will be directed to a page that requires you to pay a fee before being given access to the public record database. This fee is usually a nominal charge for an individual lookup or a complete records package.

The most popular and widely used way to search for jail records is by using websites that offer a free public records search service. Although the results from these sites are not always accurate due to cross referencing, you will still be able to obtain all of the information you need to learn about any person’s past. These websites can also allow you to obtain an even greater amount of information, by allowing you to run unlimited searches. These services are very popular among those who perform background checks for new employees, or those who are suspicious of someone they just met. By using these services on a regular basis, you will be able to obtain all of the public records you will ever need in a matter of seconds.

The information found in jail records will include arrests, convictions, jail time, parole, and any jail time under which the person was confined. This includes any minor crimes that were committed. You may be able to find felony charges as well. Although these records are considered public domain, some states do have laws that prevent people from having access to certain personal information. So if you would like to conduct your own jail records search, you will want to make sure that you use a website that offers this option for you.

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