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Jail Records Can Be Obtained for Free, But Not Always

Accessing jail records in Carson County Texas is easier today than ever before. Thanks to the Internet, public records can now be retrieved from Texas government agencies and other sites on the web. The state of Texas has also made it easy for citizens to access these records online as well. In fact, there is a search function built into many of the leading web browsers that allow you to perform a free search on any public record database.

For those unfamiliar with public records, they are simply pieces of information about a person that have been documented legally by the various governmental branches over time. Jail records, for example, fall under the public domain because they are related to criminal activities that took place while an individual was incarcerated. While it is possible to find jail records in a traditional court house or police station, it may be much more difficult to locate them online.

When someone is arrested and convicted of a felony in Texas, they are considered to be ‘under the jail seal’ for seven years. During this period of time, it is not legal to access such information as jail records. This applies to a person who has served their jail sentence and their case is ongoing. It is also important to note that during this period of time, a warrant for arrest is still valid. Once the period of jail has passed, a person can then access these files and obtain any criminal history they desire.

There are many online public record databases available to help people find out if they can find out the same information at no cost. However, free sites are actually much more limited than those that charge fees. In general, the information is free but the data is not, and often times inaccurate as well.

These online databases make it incredibly easy to gain access to someone’s jail records. All that is needed is an individual’s name and birth date. Of course, birth dates aren’t always available, which limits what can be found on a certain person. However, these services do offer a lot of information, such as a persons court records, aliases, phone numbers, marriage status and much more.

Free sites offer basic information such as this, however, they don’t offer a great deal in the way of criminal history background information. For this reason, many people use these paid services because they will provide more details and are more reliable. Also, using a paid database is more secure, as the server is based online and is protected by all of the major computer security programs on the Internet. Jail records can be difficult to obtain, but using a reputable database can make it a piece of cake.

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