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Jail Records Search – Conducting a Public Records Search Online

In Claiborne County, the jail records maintained in the three county libraries and the jail facility are accessible to the public. Each of these branches maintains hundreds of millions of public records and jail records. This is made possible by a contract between the counties and the Library of Tennessee. This contract specifies that the records can be freely obtained by any individual for whatever lawful purpose. The law does not specify who should get access to the jail records.

There are quite a few reasons why one may need access to the jail records. If you are looking for employment, then you will have to present information about your past criminal convictions. Before you get access to the public records, you will have to fill an application stating that you require such information and that you want to have access to the jail records. This is usually free of charge and can be done at any public library. The legal restrictions and guidelines will vary from state to state.

The records include criminal history, pending court cases, the case number, the date of arrest, charges, reason for arrest and other relevant information. Sometimes the records also contain personal information like the birth date, address, date of marriage and divorce. These details can help you locate someone and provide details about his/her address history. You can also find out if the person has a lawyer or not and whether he/she is on parole, probation, incarceration or has a permanent disability.

The advantages of conducting a jail records search are many. For instance, you can use this information to conduct a background check on someone whom you want to hire. The process is very simple and can be conducted right at your office. However, there are instances when the process can become complicated, especially when the person is in the area of another state and you cannot personally conduct the search.

The most convenient way to go about conducting a jail records check is to go online. There are several websites that offer an online database that contain national and international databases of jail records. However, it is important to ensure that the website you choose has a secure server in order to avoid private information from being compromised. The databases usually come in two versions; the free and the commercial, and they provide different level of protection and services.

If you have already searched the national database for jail public records and you still have no success in finding the information you need, you may opt to conduct a private search. This alternative costs more but it is the only guaranteed way of finding out the personal information of a person who was arrested for a jail term in another state. You will need to purchase a public arrest report and an index to help you search the individual’s name. This will help you learn more about the person you are searching.