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(1188)Lyman County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Lyman County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 97KennebecSD57544605-869-2267
Lyman County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Lyman County Sheriffs Office300 Main StreetKennebecSD57544605-869-2267
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Jail Records Are Public Records But Are They Really?

If you are someone who is looking for information on jail records, you can find it from the Lyman County Sheriff’s Department. They maintain the records on file in their database. You will need to contact them by phone or online to get the information you are looking for. It is free to look up records and most times the record will be mailed to you within a couple days.

If you would like to search for jail records in Lyman County, South Dakota, you will need to know the full name of the person. The person’s middle initial is always “L.A.” This can be found on the individual’s driver’s license or on their birth certificate. Search methods are generally limited due to security reasons. If the person has ever been convicted of a crime, their jail records will show this. Searching public records online will only give you limited information.

You should be prepared to pay for the information you seek. The Sheriff’s department charges a small fee for jail records. However, searching online is free and can give you much more detailed information. Most online records searches also offer a complete report of the person’s conviction. You may also be able to find out the charges, years of incarceration and parole records.

Searching for jail records can be done by several ways. You can search through the public records online and in the county’s website. You can also call the jail and request a copy of the jail records. Another option is to go to the courthouse where the case was filed. Many times there is a fee for this service.

Some of these documents can be very difficult to find, depending on the situation. Before making your decision on what documents to access, consider your purpose. If the information is minimal, it is probably not that important. If you are looking for background information on someone, then it may be worth it to invest the time and effort to get the records. Jail records can reveal many things about an individual, but you need to be sure to find what you are looking for.

Jail records are considered public record and can be found online. In most cases, you can search and receive the information any time that you want. If you have a reason to search for jail records, you may want to find a professional who can perform the search for you.