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If you are reading this then I’m sure that either you yourself or someone you know is in need of jail records. Most people don’t realize that jail records are available for the general public. These documents include personal history of an individual, criminal background checks and marriage/divorce certificates. There is no cost to view public records, however if the records you are looking for are older or not current then you may be charged a small fee. You can also request these records online, but it is necessary to have your contact information including name, email and phone number, so that you can receive an email back confirming your order.

There are many different ways to search for jail records, but the most popular way is to use the internet to do your search. You can check each record one by one, or you can look up all of them at once. The first thing you should do before beginning your search is to determine where the person’s record is. Most counties have their records located online, though some are a bit slower. Some county websites are able to access all of the public’s databases, while others may only provide access to county records within a certain geographical area.

When you find the website that you wish to go with, you will need to enter in all of the information that you are able to get. Some basic information is required such as the person’s full legal name. You should also have the state and county that they live in entered into the search box. All areas will require some basic information, but each jurisdiction will vary. Some of the areas that you will be able to access are criminal records, birth/death records, sex offender records and several other public records.

In addition to getting the person’s full name and state, you will need to have their social security number. This information is used to make sure that the person has paid their bills on time and has not been convicted of a crime. This information cannot be found free at most of the state websites. Jail records can be accessed for a fee through some of the websites. The fee is nominal and most websites offer a refund if your search produces no results.

There are several reasons why someone would need to look up jail records. Employment verification is one reason; for instance if you are hiring a child nurse and the agency requires the mother to have a criminal history check before they can hire her. Also, many companies require employees to undergo background checks. Many employers do not want to take the chance on an employee with a past history of violence or crime.

Jail records can be searched online with a few clicks of the mouse. Although, this service may not free, it is very inexpensive. Many of the sites allow you to run a search for a small fee. Some websites allow you to try their services before you pay for it.