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Jail Records in Towner County North Dakota

Criminal records and arrest warrants are among the most public and most sensitive of records, and the information in them is more vulnerable to misuse than that held by other types of public records. Because warrants are public information, they are easy to find online and obtain. And because their information is more accessible online, it is also easier to falsify records by making them up or misdirecting the information so that it points in a direction that does not exist.

But in Towner County, where I live, jail records are protected under two separate court orders. The first court order is a part of the Freedom of Information Act. This act guarantees that certain types of public information can be viewed by the public. Among those categories are arrest records, which are open to anyone who requests them. The second court order, known as an order of protection, specifically authorizes the sealing or destruction of jail records when a person is arrested or served with a writ of eviction.

In these two situations, it is important for you to understand the procedures and limitations that govern the release of this information. First, the court will not release arrest records or any information pertaining to an individual’s criminal history unless the person is served with a valid subpoena duces tecum. These are court orders that are issued by a judge in conjunction with the State Ombudsman. Because they are secret, they are not available through public search sites such as those run by the National Crime File and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

When a warrant is issued for your arrest, your name will appear on the court docket as the subject of the warrant. Your record will then be entered into the MCSR, or Manual Record Search System, to keep track of your records. If you try to access this information without being served with a valid subpoena duces tecum, you will likely be denied access to the records.

Because of the strict laws governing jail records in Towner County, it is wise to seek legal advice from your lawyer before attempting to obtain this information on your own. In addition, even if you successfully access the information, the accuracy of the information can vary. The accuracy of any information that you obtain from public records is determined by the reliability of the information itself. While you may obtain information from the jail records, the reliability of the information may be hampered if it is inaccurate.

There are many reasons why someone would want to search for and obtain this information. One is to check up on an elderly parent. Another is to verify information provided by a prospective employee. Perhaps someone wants to check up on a potential partner. There is also the opportunity to use the information obtained to protect your loved ones. Regardless of the reason for your search, you need to do it responsibly.