Sharkey County Mississippi Inmate Jail Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2178)Sharkey County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Sharkey County Jail400 Locust StreetRolling ForkMS39159662-873-4326
Sharkey County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Sharkey County Sheriff's Office400 Locust StreetRolling ForkMS39159662-873-4321
Sharkey County Sheriffs Department120 Locust StreetRolling ForkMS39159662-873-4321
Sharkey County Inmate & Jail Records Databases
Sharkey County Jail Records
Jail Population Held for State Prison13
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Prison
Jail Population Held for State Jail222
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Jail
Jail Population Held for Federal Agencies1
Jail Population Held for ICE1
Pretrial Jail Population192
Female Pretrial Jail Population
Male Pretrial Jail Population48
Total Jail Admissions1,854
Total Jail Population228
Female Jail Population51
Male Jail Population184
Asian Jail Population1
Black Jail Population14
Latino Jail Population4
Native Jail Population1
White Jail Population216
Total Prison Population19
Female Prison Population
Male Prison Population19
Total Prison Admissions10
Female Prison Admissions
Male Prison Admissions10
Asian Prison Admissions
Black Prison Admissions6
Latino Prison Admissions
Native Prison Admissions
White Prison Admissions4
Other Prison Admissions
Asian Prison Population
Black Prison Population16
Latino Prison Population
Native Prison Population
White Prison Population
Other Prison Population3

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