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Jail Records – Conducting a Jail Records Search

Jail records are public information in all 50 states and are maintained at the county or state courthouse. In Alcorn County, public access to jail records is allowed as long as the person is being investigated for a crime. Jail records are considered public record because they show pertinent information about an individual such as his criminal history, when he was arrested, his present disposition, etc. The information is also used by law enforcement agencies in investigating crimes and apprehending suspects. The only information that is not shown in public records is the reasons why an individual is being investigated. A person’s criminal activity will not be revealed if he has not been convicted of a crime.

The first place to look for information on jail records is the local courthouse. There are different departments that handle various matters involving the jail system, such as corrections, public safety, public records and the county sheriff. Jail records are public information so everyone can have access to them, although restricted access will be granted to law officials. If you want to get more detailed information on a person, you can either contact the jail or prison facility or go online to visit their respective web sites. Information is usually free but certain circumstances such as court ordered blood test or fingerprinting may require a minimal fee.

There are a number of free resources that you can use to find information on a person’s jail release. The Department of Corrections website is one of them. The database of the Department of Corrections contains complete information on all persons convicted of offenses in the state of Mississippi. You can look up a person’s case number or inmate number to retrieve full information on the offender.

If you are looking for the jail release information of a friend or family member who is out of prison, you can make use of the National Prisoner Search Database. This database offers free access to persons who are currently in jail, as well as persons who were formerly in jail. The database contains complete mug shot information of its database users including contact numbers and home addresses. The database is regularly updated and you can use it anytime you want to conduct a search.

The Internet is another great source of jail records. Many websites offer free information on jail release. You can search for the particular state and county where the suspect is being held in. The information includes the prisoner number, jail term, date of arrest, booking date, reason for arrest, gender, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number, and name. Some websites allow you to do more than just conduct a search; they may also provide contact information such as a telephone number, email address, and a physical mailing address.

Once you have located a site that provides comprehensive information on a person’s jail release, you must be careful in verifying the information provided online. Some websites may not provide complete data because they are manually updating the database. As a result, you may find that the information that you are retrieving is old or outdated. It is best to use a reliable online service which is constantly up-to-date with data on all types of public records.