Dukes County Massachusetts Inmate Jail Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1990)Dukes County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Dukes County House Of Correction And Jail149 Main StreetEdgartownMA02539508-627-5173
Dukes County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Dukes County Jail149 Main StreetEdgartownMA02539508-627-5173
Dukes County Sheriffs Office / Dukes County Jail And House Of Correction149 Main StreetEdgartownMA02539508-627-5173
Dukes County Inmate & Jail Records Databases
Dukes County Jail Records
Dukes County Sheriff's Office Website
Jail Population Held for State Prison4
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Prison
Jail Population Held for State Jail2
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Jail
Jail Population Held for Federal Agencies
Jail Population Held for ICE
Pretrial Jail Population8
Female Pretrial Jail Population
Male Pretrial Jail Population8
Total Jail Admissions1,095
Total Jail Population34
Female Jail Population
Male Jail Population32
Asian Jail Population
Black Jail Population6
Latino Jail Population
Native Jail Population
White Jail Population23
Total Prison Population13
Female Prison Population
Male Prison Population
Asian Prison Population
Black Prison Population4
Latino Prison Population
Native Prison Population
White Prison Population8
Other Prison Population1

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The State of Massachusetts offers citizens the right to access these public records. Although many people may access these records for free, this is not always the case. For example if you want to check someone’s court records then you will have to pay for it unless they give you access to it for free. Hence, there are many who may want to access these records but cannot afford to do so because they need to pay for it. However, some may not be able to afford to pay for it and they resort to using the free services that are available on the internet.

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