Vermilion Parish Louisiana Inmate Jail Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(651)Vermilion Parish Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Vermilion Parish Jail14202 Allen M. Bares RoadAbbevilleLA70510337-898-4428
Vermilion Parish Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Vermilion Parish Sheriffs Department101 South State StreetAbbevilleLA70510337-898-4409
Vermilion Parish Inmate & Jail Records Databases
Vermilion Parish Inmate Search & Jail Roster
Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office Inmate Search
Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office Website
Jail Population Held for State Prison39
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Prison
Jail Population Held for State Jail96
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Jail
Jail Population Held for Federal Agencies1
Jail Population Held for ICE
Pretrial Jail Population96
Female Pretrial Jail Population8
Male Pretrial Jail Population70
Total Jail Admissions876
Total Jail Population142
Female Jail Population5
Male Jail Population130
Asian Jail Population
Black Jail Population60
Latino Jail Population3
Native Jail Population
White Jail Population73

Searching Jail Records in Vermilion Parish New Orleans

Access to criminal history information in Louisiana is easy, you just need to know where and how to look. If you are researching a person for whom you are searching for a background check or even an employment application then this information is readily available on the internet. Information like this can be located in several different ways; but the quickest and easiest method is to simply conduct a search using any one of the main search engines available. Within a few seconds you will be able to have the desired information that you are seeking.

Many people are apprehensive about conducting searches online because they fear that it may be illegal to obtain this information in the state of Louisiana. However this is completely unfounded. The fact is that public records have been archived and made available to the general public over a century ago. This is part of the process that was undertaken to eliminate the stigma attached to sexual offenders. Even though the laws regarding sex offenders and sexual offenders registries have changed dramatically, these public records still exist. Therefore you can search these records as long as you remain within the jurisdiction of the State that they were filed.

There are several reasons why you might be interested in this information. For example if you are employing someone then you are going to want to make sure that they have a clean criminal record. You could also hire a nanny to look after your children while you are away. It is also possible to obtain this information if you are concerned about the safety of your family.

In the past the only means of obtaining criminal information was to go to each county courthouse and obtain the information yourself. This can take up a lot of time and a lot of effort. Furthermore, if you have a legitimate reason for wanting to view this information then it can be very expensive. Because of this you are far better off to utilize one of the online services that provide criminal data in this format for a small fee. You are not only able to view the details of the person who is being searched but also have access to their criminal record history.

These online services offer the ability to search for free. Obviously this is the preferred choice because it is free. However, some sites do require you to pay a fee before you can proceed with searching the public records. The cost of the service may vary from site to site but it is generally minimal.

Once you have conducted your search you will receive all the information that you need. The fee-based sites allow you to get unlimited searches for a year. You will be provided with the name, address, court status and case number of the person with whom the search has been conducted. If additional information is needed then additional fees are available. These fees are nominal and certainly worth the price paid to view the public information. In many cases you can instantly receive the criminal history of an individual.