Jo Daviess County Illinois Inmate Jail Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2587)Jo Daviess County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Jo Daviess County Jail330 North Bench StreetGalenaIL61036815-777-2141
Jo Daviess County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Jo Daviess County Sheriffs Office / Jo Daviess County Jail330 North Bench StreetGalenaIL61036815-777-2141
Jo Daviess County Inmate & Jail Records Databases
Jo Daviess County Jail Records
Jo Daviess County Sheriff Website
Jail Population Held for State Prison4
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Prison2
Jail Population Held for State Jail15
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Jail2
Jail Population Held for Federal Agencies
Jail Population Held for ICE
Pretrial Jail Population8
Female Pretrial Jail Population
Male Pretrial Jail Population9
Total Jail Admissions473
Total Jail Population15
Female Jail Population1
Male Jail Population14
Asian Jail Population
Black Jail Population1
Latino Jail Population1
Native Jail Population1
White Jail Population13

Jail Records Searches – Full Access To Criminal History Records

If you are looking for public jail records in Jo Daviess County, Illinois, you may have several options. The most traditional way to get these records would be to go to the courthouse or the jail in question and ask for the jail records. However, many people find this very tedious, because the local courthouse may be full during some parts of the year, and you may have to wait for up to a whole week before you can get access to such records. Also, some people worry about the confidentiality of such information. Can you really trust a judicial proceeding to give you such information?

Fortunately, there are new online companies that make obtaining public jail records easier than ever. These companies have purchased all public information from the jail in each county in Illinois, as well as surrounding counties. Now, instead of having to wait for weeks, you can have access to the jail records you want in a matter of seconds. This allows you to search for anything from felony arrest information, to death records and other sensitive information. You’ll find it fast and simple to obtain the criminal history of anyone in the USA.

Jail Records are not only important for people who are in jail, but also for employers, landlords and other public figures. If you’re an employer, you need to know the criminal past of your potential employees. If you are a landlord, you might want to take a risk on someone with a troubled past. Otherwise, your property would be in danger, and you wouldn’t want to put your life at risk to save a few dollars.

You can search using a person’s name, date of birth, social security number, or address. In addition, you can also search for criminal violations, including the severity of the crime. If you need to dig even deeper, try entering the person’s name into one of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)

These databases hold billions of criminal records, including jail records. While you may be able to access these databases for free, they aren’t always reliable. The records can be incomplete, and the information is not always up-to-date. Sometimes, you may have to pay a small fee to access their databases for the full scope of their criminal information.

Criminal background checks usually include jail records, but you can also obtain them elsewhere. If you are trying to rent an apartment, you may want to check the jail records of the future tenants to make sure they are safe. If you are a business owner, you may want to do a background check on the people you are thinking of hiring. Criminal background checks can help provide the kind of information that is otherwise not available. It’s important to get the most out of these searches, so use jail records when you need to.