Cumberland County Inmate Jail Records

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Jail Records in Cumberland County Illinois

When looking for jail records in Cumberland County, Illinois one will find that the process is not always the easiest of. The Cook County Jail, where the jail is located, is under the purview of the Illinois State Police, and is controlled by the state’s judicial system. For this reason, anyone wanting to search for information regarding a person’s past can only do so within the confines of the Cook County Jail. This being the case, it is imperative that one first finds out what types of information they can expect to obtain. To that end, below are some basic guidelines on what you can expect to locate when seeking this type of information from the Cook County Jail:

In most cases, jail records will provide the date of arrest, as well as the location and time of arrest. Along with these pieces of information, you will likely be provided with the name and birth date of the individual in question. It is also possible to gain information such as the crime the person was convicted of, any prior arrests, any aliases the person may use, the social security number of the individual, and more. Some of this information may also be provided in a downloadable format.

Depending on the nature of your search, you may be asked to provide permission from the person in question before you are permitted to obtain the information contained within. In other words, if you are an employer looking to hire a new employee, you may need to show proof of a signed release prior to a background check being conducted. Similarly, if you are a parent looking to hire a childminder, you may need to show proof of a signed consent before background checks are conducted. As with many legal situations, the information provided by these searches remains confidential. In other words, while you can obtain a background check, no court records, inmate records or other public information will be released to anyone other than the proper authorities. In addition, information on jail records is only available in Cook County under the authority of the Cook County Sheriff.

If you are looking to see if someone you know has a criminal record, you can run a jail public records search. The information that you will be provided in the search would include criminal offenses, jail time, disposition, date of arrest, name of jail facility, and more. Jail records are considered public domain. However, access to these records is restricted. Due to the restrictions placed upon public access to these records, it can take up to two months before you can receive the information.

If you are interested in checking to see if someone you work with or have worked with in the past has a criminal background, you can do so online. There are free services provided by the government. While the results from using these free services are often incomplete, they still give you a general idea of what you are dealing with. However, if you would rather go with an online paid database that offers a higher degree of accuracy, and fast service, we would suggest looking into a criminal records database.

In the past, jail records were only available in local courts and police departments. However, now you can search for this information from the comfort of your home. For a small fee, you can get the information you need in just a few seconds. No matter what your reason for using a jail records search, you can be assured that you are doing the right thing. These searches are conducted regularly and are 100% confidential.