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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2462)Cook County Jails & Prisons
Cook County Boot Camp2801 South Rockwell AvenueChicagoIL60608312-433-7102
Cook County Jails & Prisons
Cook County Jail3026 South California AvenueChicagoIL60608312-433-7102
Cook County Jail3015 North California AvenueChicagoIL60618773-869-5245
Cook County Jails2700 South California AvenueChicagoIL60608773-674-7100
Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center1100 South Hamilton AvenueChicagoIL60612312-443-5500
Calumet Prison636 Price AvenueCalumetIL60409708-862-8000
Crossroads Atc3210 West Arthington StreetChicagoIL60624773-533-5000
Illinois Prison15704 Park AvenueHarveyIL60426708-339-2400
Illinois Youth Center Chicago136 North Western AvenueChicagoIL60612312-633-5219
Mcc Chicago71 West Van Buren StreetChicagoIL60605312-322-0567
North Lawndale Atc2839 West Fillmore StreetChicagoIL60612773-638-8480
Oak Lawn City Lockup Facility9446 Raymond AvenueOak LawnIL60453708-422-8292
Cook County Sheriff Departments
Cook County Sheriff's Office50 West Washington StreetChicagoIL60602312-603-6444
Cook County Sheriffs Office / Cook County Department Of Corrections2700 South California AvenueChicagoIL60608708-865-4700
Cook County Inmate & Jail Records Databases
Elgin Police Department Website
Pretrial Jail Population 5,160
Female Pretrial Jail Population 578
Male Pretrial Jail Population 7,568
Total Jail Admissions 92,795
Total Jail Population 8,515
Female Jail Population 560
Male Jail Population 7,454
Asian Jail Population 46
Black Jail Population 5,828
Latino Jail Population 1,309
Native Jail Population 11
White Jail Population 807

How To Search The Jail Records Database

It is now possible to see all of the public criminal records in Cook County, Illinois. These records can be accessed online and can be printed out right at home or on your computer. This means that anyone who is looking for information about a specific individual can now gain access to this public record information. The new laws about Illinois criminal records make it easier than ever to search for these records.

One of the major concerns people had when it came to searching for records was the privacy of the information they were searching. People feared that they would not be able to find the person that they needed to do their research about. Now, any information from jail records that are public can be searched online. This means that anyone can find the person that they are looking for and make sure that they are dealing with the right individual.

Illinois residents can now enjoy the benefits of jail records if they choose to. No longer will they have to hire a private investigator to search the records for them. With the new laws being passed, the records are now considered public record and everyone is able to view them. Therefore, it is now perfectly legal to obtain this information from Cook County Illinois.

One of the main reasons that people wanted to search for jail records in the past was to see if someone had a record for stealing. Now, they can see if someone has been charged with this crime. This makes it possible to keep property from getting stolen. This also stops fraud, which can cost a business a lot of money. Many employers use jail records to see if someone has a history of stealing property.

There are other reasons why people search for this type of information. One of the major reasons is because of domestic violence. If someone has been charged with a crime of this nature, they would not want their children to be exposed to this man. By searching for these records, they can keep their children safe.

Regardless of the reason, it is easy to find the information you are looking for when you use the Internet. There are free sites and then there are other sites that charge a small fee. Since there are criminal records that can be obtained, the fee you pay helps to support the organizations that provide this information. This can help you to find out important information about someone.

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