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It is now possible to access criminal records in Clinton County, Illinois through the online Freedom of Information Act database. This new accessibility has allowed the general public to obtain full access to these previously restricted records. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) as implemented by the U.S. Congress, gives you the right to access all publicly available documents pertaining to government agencies. Before this day all these documents were only accessible through government offices and state courts. Now anyone can obtain access to these records.

Anyone can gain access to these records for free. If you are requesting criminal court records of any individual or if you are a person applying for employment with any government agencies, you can request for criminal record information. These records are considered public information and are readily available to anyone who uses the internet. The Freedom of Information Act makes the information available to the public. This means that these records can be requested directly from the Illinois State Police or Federal Bureau of Investigation through the official website.

Criminal records in Clinton County are not difficult to find; however it will take some work. Government offices may be able to provide some information, but the majority of these record tend to be stored in disreputable databases that have no current status. Some record providers also charge a fee for accessing their databases. In some cases you may be required to fax or mail in your request and in other cases you may be required to visit the records office. If you have an idea of where the criminal activity occurred you can still perform a free search and learn some basic information about the person.

If you are new to searching for this type of information it is highly recommended that you use a professional service that charges a minimal fee. These services typically purchase the information that you need from large data companies and then they provide it to you in a more convenient manner. There are many options available when you choose to utilize a reputable criminal records service. They may even provide you with several different levels of information, which allows you to choose what information is most important to you.

You can go directly to the court house where the offense took place or you can ask the clerk of court to make a request for the criminal history of a person. Another option is to make a request in writing, which usually requires a signature in order to transmit the information to the proper place. In some cases a criminal record can be sealed if there is reason to believe it should not be seen by the public. However, it is important that you know that in such situations the sealing must be permanent and that the records remain available to the general public.

No one likes to admit to any wrongdoing and jail records can help you gain access to the past of someone who may be in your neighborhood now. By obtaining access to the past you can better protect yourself and your family. Search online today and learn more about jail records that are available to the general public.

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