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Searching for jail records in Illinois? There are public records databases online that provide access to jail or prison records. Some are available for free, but you must pay to download the full records. Some of the free sites do not have many accurate records.

You may find that a paid site will offer you more up to date information. They also may offer access to federal and jail records. Many of the paid services offer access to a nationwide database that may be useful. You will also get additional information. You will be able to search for people in other states as well as for other types of criminal charges. The information is very detailed.

If you decide to do a search for jail records in Chicago, IL, there are two options. You can either search for your own local jail records or you can pay to search millions of records. Searching for your local records is nice because you can check out the local courthouse yourself and see if there are any mistakes. But, if you want to do a national search, then you will be glad to know that you can do an unlimited search from one site.

Jail records are kept in many different locations. Sometimes they are kept in the same courthouse where the defendant was tried. Other times, they are kept in a separate court house. In some counties, the records are kept in just one place. These records can be very useful when you need to find out more about someone.

Before searching for jail records online, you should find out what the process will be like for you. Some counties are very pro-active and allow you to do a search right away. Others take longer. You may have to email, phone or visit the courthouse to retrieve the information you need.

To find jail records online, you will have to fill out an application. Many of these applications are done online so you don’t even have to leave your home. You will be asked to put in some basic information and then you will be able to search through the records. You may be asked to pay a small fee for the records you are searching though, so keep that in mind when you are applying for a search.

You can usually expect to get the records from the county in which the person was convicted. Many times, you will not be able to find the record for other counties. However, most of the time the results will be fairly comprehensive.

Keep in mind that the information provided by jail records online may not always be current or up to date. It may be out of date due to the fact that some of the counties may have records updated or changed. Jail records can be very helpful for various purposes. You may need to look them up if you are hiring someone to work at your children’s school, or if you are interested in finding out more about someone you know. They can also be helpful for personal reasons such as investigating a new boyfriend or girlfriend.