San Joaquin County California Inmate Jail Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(220)San Joaquin County Jails & Prisons
San Joaquin County Jail7000 Michael Canlis BoulevardFrench CampCA95231209-468-4562
San Joaquin County Jails & Prisons
San Joaquin County Jail & Juvenile Hall999 West Mathews RoadFrench CampCA95231209-468-4295
San Joaquin County Jail (Honor Farm)999 West Mathews RoadFrench CampCA95231
San Joaquin County Juvenile Hall575 West Mathews RoadFrench CampCA95231209-468-4200
California Health Care Facility (Chcf)7707 Austin RoadStocktonCA95215209-467-2500
Deuel Vocational Institution (Dvi)23500 Kasson RoadTracyCA95304209-835-4141
O.H.Close Youth Correctional Facility7650 Newcastle RoadStocktonCA95215209-944-6391
Stockton Prison7338 Shoreline DriveStocktonCA95219209-956-9700
San Joaquin County Sheriff Department
San Joaquin County Sheriffs Department / San Joaquin County Jail7000 Michael Canlis BoulevardFrench CampCA95231209-468-4400
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Lodi Police Department Inmate Search
San Joaquin County Inmate Search & Jail Roster
San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department Inmate Search
San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office Inmate Search
Jail Population Held for State Prison 22
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Prison 2
Jail Population Held for State Jail 9
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Jail 2
Jail Population Held for Federal Agencies 50
Jail Population Held for ICE 45
Pretrial Jail Population 674
Female Pretrial Jail Population 72
Male Pretrial Jail Population 605
Total Jail Admissions 19,302
Total Jail Population 1,249
Female Jail Population 125
Male Jail Population 1,044
Asian Jail Population 24
Black Jail Population 297
Latino Jail Population 400
Native Jail Population 10
White Jail Population 352
Total Prison Population 2,873
Female Prison Population 111
Male Prison Population 2,762
Total Prison Admissions 864
Female Prison Admissions 39
Male Prison Admissions 825
Asian Prison Admissions 18
Black Prison Admissions 246
Latino Prison Admissions 343
Native Prison Admissions 6
White Prison Admissions 205
Other Prison Admissions 46
Asian Prison Population 50
Black Prison Population 847
Latino Prison Population 1,057
Native Prison Population 25
White Prison Population 612
Other Prison Population 282

Jail Records Searches – The Most Basic of Searches

The good news is that you can now access the public jail records in San Joaquin County California from the privacy and comfort of your own home. There was a time when one had to visit the courthouses in their area in order to get these records. It was then a cumbersome task and often an expensive one as well. These days, you can obtain these records right on your computer by using an online search engine which makes it extremely simple to perform such a search.

Once you have found the website you wish to use, simply type in the person’s name you are looking for into the search box and click search. Within seconds you will be given the information you require on the individual including date of birth, current address, aliases and more. Some sites charge a small fee for this information but usually this is minimal and well worth the money spent. It is also usually faster to use the paid websites because they have much more detailed and up to date information than the free search engines. You will most likely find everything you need on some of these sites, however if not, simply use the free search engines which will provide you with the information you are seeking without having to pay for it.

If you wish to check up on someone in jail, you can do this at any number of online jail records providers. Some of them have membership levels which allow you unlimited searches while others require a one time membership fee. Regardless of which you choose, the costs are very affordable and well worth the price. This will provide you with the information you need including criminal and jail background information on anyone who has been arrested for a crime in San Joaquin County as well as anywhere else in the state of California.

The information provided by these websites is very detailed and includes past and current addresses, aliases, family members, known phone numbers and more. You can even search for the person’s criminal records. Jail records include driving offenses, drug offenses, arrests, convictions and other court filings related to the individual. Many people want to conduct a background search on someone they just met but aren’t sure if they have a criminal record. A criminal records search will give you peace of mind because it will reveal if they have a criminal record and if they have, how long it was for.

In addition to searching for jail records online, you can also go to county courthouses to find out more about someone. You can obtain access to public records which include arrest warrants, criminal charges, misdemeanor charges and more. It is possible to see past jail time, rehabilitation and education records. You may be able to locate any warrants for their arrest, if they were to leave the jail.

Whatever you do, don’t waste time searching for and using free search engines that provide free jail records. If you are looking for criminal background information on someone, then paying a small fee will get you what you need. Don’t risk doing time in jail by taking shortcuts when it comes to your criminal background. Find a reputable background investigation service online that offers an unlimited number of jail records search options and will give you the information you need quickly and efficiently. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the person you’re about to date or have a business relationship with has no way of escaping your grasp.

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