Mariposa County California Inmate Jail Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(172)Mariposa County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Mariposa County Adult Detention Facility5379 California 49MariposaCA95338209-966-3616
Mariposa County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Mariposa County Juvenile Detention Facility5091 Bullion StreetMariposaCA95338209-742-1288
Mariposa County Sheriffs Office5099 Old Highway NorthMariposaCA95338209-966-3615
Mount Bullion Conservation Camp #395730 Mount Bullion Ridge RoadMariposaCA95338209-742-5494
Mariposa County Inmate & Jail Records Databases
Mariposa County Jail Records
Jail Population Held for State Prison2
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Prison
Jail Population Held for State Jail1
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Jail1
Jail Population Held for Federal Agencies4
Jail Population Held for ICE
Pretrial Jail Population23
Female Pretrial Jail Population5
Male Pretrial Jail Population32
Total Jail Admissions1,018
Total Jail Population45
Female Jail Population5
Male Jail Population40
Asian Jail Population
Black Jail Population1
Latino Jail Population9
Native Jail Population2
White Jail Population35
Total Prison Population53
Female Prison Population
Male Prison Population
Total Prison Admissions25
Female Prison Admissions
Male Prison Admissions
Asian Prison Admissions
Black Prison Admissions
Latino Prison Admissions
Native Prison Admissions
White Prison Admissions20
Other Prison Admissions5
Asian Prison Population
Black Prison Population
Latino Prison Population5
Native Prison Population4
White Prison Population43
Other Prison Population1

Jail Records – Searching For Jail Records on the Internet

Searching for California jail records can be easy nowadays. With the increasing numbers of people getting into the jail system and also with the increase in crimes committed in our society, it is necessary that the public is given the opportunity to check on the background of the person staying in jail. If you are thinking that you would not need to look for information about a certain person’s background, then think again. This article will give you a brief insight on how you can perform your own jail records lookup in Mariposa County right from the comfort of your home.

If you want to get instant results, then the best option for you is to go online. There are various websites that give you the option to conduct your search. However, you should remember that there are some websites that do not really provide you the best service. For example, if you choose to search using Google, then you might not get all the information that you expected.

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These two options are the basic methods that you can use to conduct your own jail records lookup. However, there are still some other options available. One option is to look through the public records and try to find the details about the person you are trying to find. Although this method is effective, it still has some limitations.

There are various reasons why you may need to lookup for jail records. It could be because you want to verify if the person that you are dealing with is really guilty or not. Another reason is that you want to check if your significant others have background records that are clean. There are also times that people are trying to look for this information so that they can borrow money from lenders and so that they can rent a house. Some employers hire individuals strictly based on their jail records. With the popularity of the internet, you can even do your own search right in front of the computer.

With the help of the internet, you can now locate any person’s jail records with just a few clicks of your mouse. It is really very easy and convenient to retrieve information regarding any person’s jail records. All you need to know is the name of the individual, his date of arrest, charges, date of birth and social security number. Once you have all this information, you can already conduct your own research and start your search.