El Dorado County Inmate Jail Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(142)El Dorado County Jails & Prisons
El Dorado County Jail - Placerville300 Forni RoadPlacervilleCA95667530-621-6000
El Dorado County Jails & Prisons
El Dorado County Jail - South Lake Tahoe1051 Al Tahoe BoulevardSouth Lake TahoeCA96150530-573-3031
Growlersburg Conservation Camp #335440 Longview LaneGeorgetownCA95634530-333-4244
Placer County Juvenile Treatment Center1041 Al Tahoe BoulevardSouth Lake TahoeCA96150530-573-7980
Placerville Jail300 Forni RoadPlacervilleCA95667530-621-6000
Placerville Juvenile Hall299 Fair LanePlacervilleCA95667530-621-5585
South Lake Juvenile Treatment Center1041 Al Tahoe BoulevardSouth Lake TahoeCA96150530-573-7980
South Lake Tahoe Jail1051 Al Tahoe BoulevardSouth Lake TahoeCA96150530-573-3031
El Dorado County Sheriff Department
El Dorado County Sheriffs Department300 Fair LanePlacervilleCA95667530-621-5655
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El Dorado County Jail Inmate Search
El Dorado County Jail Records
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El Dorado Sheriff's Office Arrest Records
Jail Population Held for State Prison 104
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Prison
Jail Population Held for State Jail 4
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Jail
Jail Population Held for Federal Agencies 3
Jail Population Held for ICE
Pretrial Jail Population 209
Female Pretrial Jail Population 23
Male Pretrial Jail Population 131
Total Jail Admissions 6,127
Total Jail Population 384
Female Jail Population 67
Male Jail Population 318
Asian Jail Population 1
Black Jail Population 18
Latino Jail Population 41
Native Jail Population 3
White Jail Population 314
Total Prison Population 399
Female Prison Population 29
Male Prison Population 370
Total Prison Admissions 136
Female Prison Admissions 10
Male Prison Admissions 126
Asian Prison Admissions
Black Prison Admissions 5
Latino Prison Admissions 14
Native Prison Admissions
White Prison Admissions 110
Other Prison Admissions 7
Asian Prison Population
Black Prison Population 28
Latino Prison Population 40
Native Prison Population 4
White Prison Population 318
Other Prison Population 9

Orange County Jail Records – Searching for Jail Records?

Jail Records in El Dorado County California

There are several reasons why someone may want to find out if someone has jail records in El Dorado County. A person could be applying for a position and needs to know the background of their prospective employer. Another reason is that you want to check up on a person who has moved into your neighborhood and seems suspicious. You may even want to check up on a babysitter or nanny. No matter what your reason, online records searches are the way to go.

In California, all counties have laws that allow their citizens to request records of arrests, convictions and other convictions from their local courthouse. However, these online records searches are often easier to do since all the data is stored in one central database. Instead of having to fill out numerous paper forms for each record request, you can simply go to the website of the county where you need the information and fill it out online. If you don’t live in El Dorado County, there are sites that have the same type of database for free, but if you live in Orange County, then you will have to pay a small fee to access their entire database.

It is important to note that although most counties will let you search for jail records, not all of them do. Because many states only offer limited records to the public, it is imperative that you know which counties are making these records freely available. For example, if you want to search for records of someone who has been convicted of murder, then you should search for “murder” or “case number.” Most counties will let you do this.

To search for jail records in Orange County, there are several options. You can first try a search engine like Google, MSN or Yahoo. You type in the person’s name and see if any results pop up. Or, you can also try an online criminal records search service. The cost for these services is less than the price of a single criminal background check on someone.

Another option is to use a private detective. However, keep in mind, you are going to pay a lot of money to someone to search for you. This is because the companies have to pay to get the information out of the government. Also, if the person you want to search for runs away to hide, they will be hard to find. Lastly, when you hire a private detective, make sure you get a receipt for your money. This receipt should contain the fees the detective charges you and when you will get your money.

Regardless of how you find Orange County Jail records, the information is vital to protecting yourself, as well as your family. These records will allow you to protect yourself from violent criminals who have served time, as well as give you peace of mind if you have children that live with an abuser. With today’s society constantly changing, it is becoming more difficult to keep up with everyone’s information.