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The information provided on Alaska Jail Records is extensive. All types of criminal and legal issues are recorded into the system. The Alaska State Constitution protects the privacy rights of citizens while ensuring that criminal records are kept confidential. Jail records in Alaska are kept in the custody of the Office of Vital Statistics. These are considered public records, which means anyone can access them. In the state of Alaska, jail records are confidential, but are accessible to authorized officials for a fee.

Jail records are categorized as public records by the state of Alaska and must be obtained free of charge. There are three types of jail records available. They are record of arrest, record of court ordered disposition and records of arrest without disposition. Jail records can also be obtained through federal records. Each category provides different information.

Alaska Criminal History Records are a compilation of all offenses committed by a person while in state prison, state penitentiary or any other penal institution. Criminal reports include crimes committed against property, person and any sexual offense. This category provides complete information on a convicted person. Alaska Penological records are the repository of all arrests made under sates criminal codes. It includes detailed information about the arrest, date of arrest, criminal charges, disposition of charges, final disposition of the case, findings of guilty or otherwise.

Alaska Prison Record is the database of all arrests or confinement orders for all state prisoners, both convicted and those on parole. These records include name, age, location, status of sentence, date of birth, number of months served and other information necessary for verification. In addition, Alaska State Prison Inmates records include mug shot pictures and name of the prisoner. If a former inmate has moved to another state, there are corresponding corrections records in that state. These may be helpful for reunification purposes.

Jail records in the state of Idaho include all violations of the law, date of arrest, disposition date, final disposition date and status of offender. Jail records in Washington include all jail terms, all sentences, all term undertakings, dates of assignment and last date of assignment. Jail records of Washington include names of occupants, aliases, number of months served, cause of assignment, reason for assignment and date of assignment.

Jail records in Minnesota include criminal history of the individual, prior to his incarceration, date of offense, full name and address of the accused and date of past conviction if any. Jail records of Utah include names of occupants, names of offenses, crime with which the person was convicted, date of offense, classification of crime, state of residence and contact information. Jail records of Arizona include name, present and previous addresses, date of arrival, nature of offense, reason for admission and designation of location. Jail records in New York City also provide contact information of occupants, list of offenses, date of birth, designation of location and statutes violated.

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