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Whether you are searching for an old friend or trying to find someone to verify an address or perhaps even just trying to clarify that unknown number on your call records, sometimes all we have to go by is a simple phone number. The question then is how exactly does one go about finding someone just by a phone number?

When it comes to cellphone users, they might be a little harder to track down than landline users and there’s always that annoying “blocked caller” factor that can come to play. Essentially if you want to find out more about a cellphone user’s details, there isn’t really any set directory you can turn to and what you come up with will rely heavily on their online presence.

There Are A Few Basic Tips And Tricks You Could Try:

1. Try doing a reverse phone lookup on sites such as www.WhitePages.com or www.anwyho.com that offers you free online white pages directories that can help you determine information such as someone’s name and address just by using the phone number.

2. Facebook. Yes the trusted old social network comes to your rescue once again and might just be the shining light at the end of your tunnel. Try typing in the 10 digit cellphone number into the search bar in your home tab. Many users will list their cellphone numbers on Facebook for notification purposes. You might really get something right here because even if the user has blocked privacy settings it will still return a name at the top of your search results.

3. Search Engines. Online search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing might come up with something if you try typing the 10 digit cellphone number in the search field. The results that come up will be listed according to relevancy so if you don’t find something within the first 10 results, move on to the next option.

4. The website www.SpyDialer.com offers a service where you key in the 10 digit cellphone number and then the site calls the number and makes a short recording of whoever answers the phone, this could help you determine if you know the voice of the person who answered the phone.

5. Another way you can try and do a reverse phone lookup is by going to the website www.411.com where you can enter the 10 digit cellphone number and them try and do a reverse phone lookup which should get you the name of the person the number belongs to.

6. As a last resort, try using people search sites such as www.peoplesmart.com where you can connect with people and try and get more information on the number that you have and want to add a “face” to.

7. Try using www.800notes.com – this site is dedicated to offering you quick and free phone lookups and also lists the numbers of known pranksters.

8. Another site you can turn to is www.whocalls.com – this website also offers a database with lists of known offenders and they offer free and quick phone number lookups.

If none of these methods help you, you could always result to using a background checking company but finding accurate and up to date results with just a cellphone number in hand might prove to be a little difficult. Remember that most of the ideas we listed here are based on how active the person is online, if he has listed his phone number somewhere online then you should be able to track him down in the cyber space.

Whichever route you choose to take, remember that you really shouldn’t be paying for anything that you could find by doing a little digging by yourself.


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