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When it comes to renting out your property there are a few things you need to consider like how much rent you’ll be asking for the property, if you’ll be including water & electricity and for how long you are looking at having tenants occupy it.

That being said, the tenants and their behavior regarding taking care of your property is probably one of the most significant issues that you’ll need clearance on. After all you don’ want to end up with tenants that skip payments, have been evicted from previous rental homes or that have criminal records.

We’ve all heard about how inconsiderate tenants can be and how destructive they tend to be when it comes to property that doesn’t essentially belong to them. There is however something you can do in order to ensure that the prospective tenants take care of your valuable property. Here are a few ways to do a tenant background check that will give you valuable insight into their rental histories.

Make them fill out a rental application form

This will ensure you have details such as contact details, previous addresses, full names, social security numbers and driver’s license numbers that will assist you to get a full report from a background screening company. Yes the professionals know how to get the info fast and ensure you get accurate results so always use a paid-for background screening company.

Get a credit report authorization from them

This will allow you to get access to their credit histories that will come in handy for knowing if they have ever skipped payments. F.Y.I you are required by law (the Fair Credit Reporting Act) to get consent from prospective tenants before you run a credit check on them.

Contact current and previous Landlords

Get some verbal feedback from the prospective tenant’s current and previous landlords to make sure that they have no dodgy histories. You might even want to consider contacting their current employer to confirm their income status so that you know they are able to afford the installments.

Cover your expenses

A good idea is to get the tenants to pay a rental application fee so that you can afford to hire a reputable background screening company that will deliver you with accurate results in a fast turnaround time.

Have a criminal background check run on the prospective tenants

You really want to be sure that your valuable property will be occupied by la-abiding citizens and it is therefore crucial that your background check includes criminal background investigations on all tenants. You have to just keep in mind that a conviction such as DUI isn’t necessarily fair grounds for disregarding them as suitable tenants but something like a drug related conviction should set off alarms.


To sum it all up, you should cover these areas in your background screening process:

  • Credit Check
  • Criminal Conviction Check
  • Rental History Check
  • Income Verification

The tenant’s you are considering most probably have been renting property for a while or at least have some history for you to dig into. We all like to believe that we won’t be scammed or made the fool, but the truth is that there are far too many people out there who wouldn’t think twice about skipping payments or using your property as a criminal activity base.

Your gut feeling simply isn’t going to help you pinpoint the bad guys. It’s crucial to do the right amount of research and always use a reputable service provider for background screening purposes. Another great tool you can try is VeriFirst, a company which offers you an automated rental history search using electronic Eviction data and historic Rental Payments from Experian Rent Bureau.


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