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When it comes to conducting thorough background research on any prospective employee there are several steps you simply have to include in the process. Finding and hiring a reliable and stable nanny for your children is no exception, and actually might require a more extensive and thorough research approach.

The new nanny will after all be taking care of your most prized gems when you are not there to take care of the kids yourself.

Background checks are essential and will let you know if the individual has any red flags popping up from their history such as arrests or driving felonies.

The best way to find a reputable nanny is obviously to always make use of an established nanny agency, but checking the nanny’s credentials for yourself is always a great idea.  So what are the steps you need to take in order to do a thorough background check on a potential nanny?


  1. Get their permission – You need to comply with the legal side of things and to ensure you don’t overstep any boundaries, you should always acquire the written consent of the person in question before you conduct any background researching. This is the first step in gaining your trust and showing that they have nothing to hide too.
  2. Make sure she has the basics – A nanny that has at least 5 years’ experience, is available to commit and is competent in first aid really has great experience in the industry and is trained to give the best possible care to your children. Ask her for contact details of her last employer and give them a ring to get some personal feedback. People are more than willing to share their experiences, especially when it comes to childcare situations.
  3. Drug testing – It might be a little embarrassing to ask this of a prospective nanny but if she is willing to undergo a drug test then this shows a good character and that she has nothing to hide. After all, you can’t trust someone with illegal substances in their system to take care of your children.
  4. Verify their education – If their resume states that they achieved some sort of tertiary qualification or certificates then get in contact with the college or school she attended and verify that the details she gave you is true and accurate.
  5. Check the Sex offender/child abuse Registry – This is a very important step that should not be missed. If the prospective nanny has ever had a criminal record that involves children it will be listed here and should have you skipping on to the next in line candidate.

That being said, some of the most brutally honest and sincere descriptions of a nanny’s character and capabilities will come from her last employer. When you get into contact with them to verify her employment history with them, see if you can find out the following from them as well:

  • Would they be willing to hire her again? Why and why not?
  • Enquire about her strong and weak points they picked up on during her employment period.
  • Ask about the reason she is no longer employed with them.
  • Enquire about the type of bonds she had with their children and if she really had a passion for caring for their children.

There are many background screening companies out there that can deliver you a high quality accurate and up to date background report on the prospective nanny. Their reports will give you detailed information such as:

  • Credit Reports – So that you can see the way she manages her finances.
  • Criminal Report – Obviously very important to have as you wouldn’t want a criminal tending to our children.
  • Driving Felonies – This is very important if your nanny as to drive the kid around and will show you her level of responsibility and trustworthiness when it comes to driving.
  • Social Security Verification – This is so that can see that she really is who she claims to be and that she’s not an illegal alien. It will also give you details on her residential address and past addresses.

Some of us parents firmly believe that once our gut feeling tells us this person is the right fit for the nanny job, we should trust them with our kids, but people have learned the art of bending the truth to allow them to be hired.

You really should have a background check run on your prospective nanny to ensure her credentials and experience are of top quality, you are after all, employing someone to look after your children, and they deserve the very best care possible.


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