How Long Does Shipt Background Check Take?

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Shipt is a widely-used delivery platform across the United States. Accordingly, Shipt hires delivery drivers, aka Shipt Shoppers, to collect and deliver their clients’ items. However, before someone can work as a Shipt Shopper, they must first possess a certain set of requirements, one of which is passing a background check.

But why does Shipt even require a background check? And, how long does it take to complete? More importantly, what are they looking for when they run a background check on you? You’ll find all the answers you want down below, so let’s get started!

How Much Time Does a Shipt Background Check Take?

Though there may be slight variations, it typically only takes a couple of days for the report to come in.

Once you submit your application to be a Shipt shopper, Shipt will send your information to a background checking agency, which will then proceed to screen your history for anything that may affect your ability to perform your job well.

So, as long as there isn’t anything too problematic within your record, you should be hearing from Shipt in 3-4 days.

Why Does Shipt Perform a Background Check?

To ensure the safety of their members, Shipt will order a background check for all their contractors. That way, if anything alarming comes up, Shipt can take the necessary measures to protect its clients and their items from any risky situations.

And it’s not just its members that Shipt protects. It also protects its reputation, as hiring someone who’s unfit to carry out the job will also mean trouble. So, what better way to see if a potential Shopper is qualified for the job than to run a background check?

It’ll uncover a whole slew of information about who you are as a character, and Shipt will then decide if you’re a good match for the company.

What Does Shipt Check Into?

Though Shipt’s background check is pretty comprehensive, it thankfully doesn’t look at your credit history. So, you can rest easy if your credit score isn’t all that high.

Then, what does Shipt look at? Well, it looks at any drug offences or legal issues you may have. However, it mostly focuses on two things; your criminal record and your driving record.

Realistically, these are the two things that’ll decide if you’re a good fit to be a Shipt shopper or not. So, let’s take a closer look at what these records entail and how they can affect your chances of getting hired.

Criminal Record

Typically, having a criminal record won’t immediately disqualify you from becoming a Shipt shopper, but it may ruin your chances a little.

As you know, not all crimes bear the same weight, so having a little misdemeanour on your record will most likely be okay with Shipt. However, the same can’t be said for sexual offenses, violent crimes, or other felony convictions.

Since you’ll be dealing with clients, Shipt can’t put their clients at risk or make them feel unsafe. Moreover, since you may be handling money, credit cards, and expensive items, Shipt also looks for theft convictions and serious charges of property damage.

In short, if you’ve got a mark on your record, especially a conviction, your application will probably get rejected. However, if it’s something trivial that won’t affect the safety of the clients or their belongings, then the job is yours for the taking as long as you fulfil all the other requirements listed by Shipt.

Driving Record

Since driving is the main component of being a Shipt shopper, your driving record will be the next thing Shipt looks at.

First off, they check to see if your license is valid. If it’s invalid or suspended, then you can kiss the job goodbye. But what if your license has already been reinstated after a suspension? Well, it still doesn’t make for a stellar application. Having a suspension on your record can be cause enough for Shipt to doubt your ability as a driver and therefore refuse your application.

The same can be said for any traffic violations or driving accidents on your record. DUIs are another major turn-off that’ll almost always lead to rejection.

And if you’re wondering why having a good driving record is so important to Shipt when you’ll be driving your own car, well, that’s simply because any accident you get into will cause a delay in your deliveries, which will ultimately reflect badly on the company.

Can You Be a Shipt Shopper if You Committed a Felony?

Well, the CheckR website states that they believe that all candidates deserve a fair chance at work and that having a criminal record shouldn’t be a one-way ticket to unemployment. However, if you’ve committed a felony in the last seven years, then it’s more likely than not that SHipt will reject your application as you may put their customer’s safety at risk.

But don’t lose all hope. If you give them a reason to believe you’re a reliable person and a safe driver, they may consider you for the job. But, know that they’ll scrutinize your record before coming to a decision.

How Does Shipt Check Your Record?

Shipt uses a background check service called CheckR to complete all their background checks. Simply by submitting your application, you permit the service to use your social security number in order to look through your driving history and criminal record.

So, always make sure you submit the correct social security number, or else CheckR will screen the wrong person. And don’t be scared about sharing your social security number; both CheckR and Shipt will keep your information completely safe.

Delays in Shipt Background Checks

As we previously said, a background check doesn’t take too long, with most people getting their results in a day or two. However, it may take a bit longer for some people.

These delays are usually due to one of the following reasons.

It’s possible that you didn’t fill in the application form correctly. Accordingly, Shipt won’t be able to verify your information, and your application will be left hanging.

The delay could also be due to the motor vehicle check, where it can take up to a week to verify your info in accordance with the state system. It may also be because you have a noteworthy record that necessitates a deeper look.

However, it’s usually much simpler than that, so don’t be too alarmed if you don’t immediately hear a response from Shipt. And keep in mind that depending on their need for shoppers, they may take a few days or weeks to inform you of their final decision.


A background check is a necessary step to becoming a Shipt shopper. It’s mostly to make sure all the people Shoot hires are reliable, trustworthy, and most importantly, safe drivers.

Thankfully, the background checks typically take no more than a few days, though they can take longer or shorter depending on how complicated your record is.

As you can imagine, checking criminal records and driving histories will take some time, and exactly how long will depend on your state. However, once all the information checks out and Shipt makes sure you’re the right person for the job, you’ll be good to go.