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There are numerous reasons why you would want to acquire a copy of divorce records. Maybe you want to make sure that your ex is really your ex and you can safely move on with your life.

Maybe you need reassurance that the man you are dating really is divorced like he said and not hiding a wife at home somewhere. It could be something as simple as claiming an estate after the passing of someone who inherited something to you.

Getting your hands on a copy of tis documentation can be a little tricky if you don’t know what to look for but by following these basic guidelines you’ll be able to get your divorce records in no time.

  1. Online Divorce Records

There are many companies online that claim they have free divorce records on their files. This however is not true and you will have to pay to get verified information. It stands to reason that nothing in life comes for free so paying a minimal fee might not seem as bad if you really need to get your hands on a divorce records as soon as possible.

The ONLY problem with these services is that their records might not be as accurate and up-to date as those listed in the archives of the state Superior Court.

  1. Search Engines

This trick will only work if the divorce was made public, and to be perfectly honest, the everyday Joe and Jill don’t make their divorce a public affair.  If the divorce was made public however you’ll be able to get a hit on Google when you search for divorce records under the person in question’s full name.

You can also try Googling for your local court clerk who might be able to assist you in the matter. 

  1. Department of Health and Vital Records

If you are not one of the parties involved in the divorce then you won’t be able to obtain a certified copy of the divorce decree without written consent from either one of the parties. However you will be able to view the report at no cost and establish  if this person is divorced or not, but it’s going to take a whole lot of reading up and some perseverance skills.

You should know that some records are kept at State level and some are kept at county level, so be sure to research the area first before you simply assume the records will be filed under the county records.

Here are two great websites that have some useful links and can help you trace down and verify someone’s details such as if they are divorced or not.



You might be wondering what you’ll need a divorce record for and how it can assist you. Here are some of the things this valuable document can help you achieve:

  • Divorce records indicate abusive behavior and other unacceptable acts within the marriage that was ended. It could help you determine the character of your new love interest.
  • It can help you determine whether or not the divorce was actually finalized. A lot of people tend to quit the divorce process midway through due to the schlep the process creates. You need to be sure that someone s really divorced before you get into any type of relationship with them.
  • Having divorce records on hand will really aid you at compiling info and creating a well detailed family tree.

Remember that when it comes to digging for legal documents in the publically classified libraries, things might get a little challenging.

The experts have ways and means of getting through the admin fast and if you don’t mind paying a minimal fee then they get back to you within the shortest time possible with detailed results.


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