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eVerify is a versatile people search engine that can be used to locate people, perform background checks, and to discover social media and criminal records. You can also use the eVerify search engine several different ways to locate individual pieces of information like addresses, phone numbers, court records, etc.

Today’s eVerify review is going to look at the pros and cons of this service, which is increasing in popularity.

eVerify is a good value for the money and costs just $19.95/month for a Premium Unlimited Access account. Currently, you can try eVerify’s services completely free via its free 5-day unlimited trial offer.

As with any people search engine, there are positives and negatives with using eVerify. Please read on for my full review of this service and its offerings.

Service name: eVerify

Services offered: People search, background check, social media check, criminal check.

Service stared: At least 2010, but the domain was registered in 2003.

Pricing: $19.95/month. There is a free 5-day unlimited trial offer too.

Rating: 60 out of 100

Recommended? Yes

What does eVerify offer?

eVerify offers very specific information in four major categories:

  • Background Check- A personal summary that includes name, DOB, age, address, phone, gender, marital status, business owner, education, occupation, ethnicity and nickname/alias. The Social Security number (SSN) is also provided, but is blocked out. SSN verification is provided, as well as its status and state/date issued.
  • Background Report- Address history, phone numbers, relatives and associates.
  • Criminal records- Arrests and convictions, felonies and misdemeanors, traffic violations, sex offenses, and warrants.
  • Vital records- Marriage/divorce records, birth/death records, email addresses, neighbors, property records (real estate, automobiles, vessels), bankruptcies, liens and judgments, Web results, and neighborhood information.

I should add that eVerify is not affiliated with E-Verify, which is a government-based search service used by U.S. employers to verify whether or not someone can legally work in the U.S. 

How easy is it to use eVerify?

It’s very easy to use eVerify- you simply input the first and last name of the person you are searching along with their specific state. If you do not know which state to target, you can choose ‘ALL’ or ‘Nationwide.’


eVerify takes about 30 seconds to locate the results and populate a page for you. Typically, you will see several individuals listed in your search results. You will also have the option of narrowing your search by selecting a city.


Once you make your selection, eVerify will again populate your page with potential matches. If the name is a very common one (e.g., John Smith), you may see pages of search results varying on single parameters including DOB, address and/or middle name.

You may also see the same individual come up again and again but vary only on a past/current address or the presence/absence of a middle name.


After you make your choice and click on ‘View details,’ you obtain a long background report that provides the person’s personal and contact information, criminal and social media records, and vital records.

All the major records are bookmarked, allowing you to easily move from one category to the next by clicking on the enclosed links. Categories are carefully separated and highlighted.

You can also click on the left hand side links like ‘VIN search’ or ‘Asset search’ and find additional information that way. By clicking on those links, you focus your search using different databases and turn up new and different information.

eVerify saves all your searches and offers them to you for review in a linked area called ‘My Search History.’ You can also review your account details and terms in your ‘My Account’ area.

How accurate is eVerify?

I tested eVerify using four different persons (including myself) as test subjects. In most cases, the information that I received back on the person’s age, DOB, past and current addresses, phone number, education, occupation and ethnicity was correct.

In some cases, the provided phone number was correct but was actually a past phone number. Additionally, some of these past phone numbers were stated as recently reported, yet I knew that they had long since been disconnected or reassigned to other subscribers.

eVerify was very accurate with its reporting of past and current addresses. In one case, eVerify provided nearly 20 years of address information for the person I’d searched on. In several cases, I discovered new address information that I had not been aware of previously.

eVerify did not do so well with court and marriage/divorce records. Most states publish their court records, including traffic violations as well as misdemeanors and felonies. In my searches, none of my individuals turned up any relevant court records. Some of these individuals had gone to traffic court or to even sue other companies and persons, so these records should have been listed.

Several of the individuals I searched on were married or had been married and divorced; eVerify showed no records indicating these facts. This did not change when I asked eVerify to perform a more thorough background search on my subject.

With one searched individual, eVerify produced almost an entire page of associated felonies and sex crimes. Looking into these records, I discovered that the felonies and misdemeanors were associated with a completely different person who happened to share the same exact name (first, last and middle initial) and state as my searched person, but a different DOB and address.

Social media information on my searched subjects was scanty at best- my own search on myself turned up only one social media profile (and I have several). If someone was using their full name on a social media platform, eVerify usually located that profile.

How is eVerify’s pricing?

eVerify is one of the most reasonably priced people search services currently on the market; for just $19.95/month, you can perform unlimited people searches via your Premium Unlimited Access account. Alternately, you can pay $19.95 to access one full report on one person of your choosing; however, as long as you’re paying the same amount of money, it makes more sense to buy the monthly plan and cancel later on.

There are no hidden fees or up-sells, as noted with other reviewed people search services like PeopleSmart.

Perhaps best of all, you can sign up to and quickly use eVerify for free via its 5-day trial period offer. This trial period enables you to use and assess the service without any risk. You do need to input your payment information, however, in order to use eVerify in its free trial format.

How easy is it to cancel eVerify?

eVerify provides cancellation instructions in its FAQs area, under ‘Billing Issues.’

everify-plan everify-FAQ

Once you go there, you are prompted to fill out the following linked form. Incidentally, this form is identical to the linked ‘Contact Us’ form.


If you’re not logged in (and eVerify does log you out quite often), you will see the above form. Otherwise, you will only see the ‘Subject’ and ‘Comments or Questions’ areas provided.

After I filled out my form and asked to cancel my 5-day trial, I immediately received the following acknowledgement email:

“This is a confirmation email to let you know that your request has been received by eVerify. Please allow one business day for us to review your request and email you back.”

I didn’t want to wait an entire day to receive a response from the site, so I started looking around on my account page if there was an easier way to cancel my subscription. Sure enough, in my ‘Account details’ area, I found a link that enabled me to cancel my subscription’s auto-renew option. After clicking that link, I received the following acknowledgement email:

 “This is a confirmation email to let you know that your cancellation request for your account with eVerify has been received. You will not be billed again.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our excellent customer service team by replying to this email. 

Thank you for your business.”

Would I recommend eVerify?

Due to its very affordable price, I would recommend eVerify to someone who was trying to find very basic background or contact information on a given person. Given this ‘starter’ information, you can easily go into public records bases and locate other and more critical information.

eVerify seems rather limited in scope when asked to compile public court records and social media information. However, it is very thorough with finding and delivering past/current address and phone number information.

The service has an intuitive feel to it and is easy to use and to cancel. You can also use eVerify in several different modes to populate information specific to categories like personal property, assets, etc.


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