Does Onlyfans Show Up on Background Check?

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If you created an Onlyfans account in the past and you’re currently job hunting, you’ve probably wondered, “does Onlyfans show up on background check?” at least once while sending out applications.

Even if you post harmless content on your account, you may be worried that Onlyfans’ reputation for sexually explicit material may play in the mind of your prospective employer, hurting your chances of landing the job. After all, prospective employers have used less to disqualify applicants.

This article explains whether a background check will reveal your Onlyfans account, what types of organizations will dig deep enough to find this information, and whether deleting your account will help.

Short Answer

If your prospective employer does a comprehensive background check on you, or Onlyfans has sent you a 1099-NEC tax form (because you’ve earned money with it), your Onlyfans account may show up in a background check.

What if I Delete My Onlyfans Account Before Applying?

When you delete your Onlyfans account, the platform erases all the data uploaded to the account after a 30-day grace period. Such data includes all the accounts’ photos, text, audio, and video.

However, deleting your account doesn’t mean you’ll successfully erase all traces of your stint on Onlyfans from the Internet. Here’s how someone can still find out that you’ve been working on the platform:

1. You Advertised Your Onlyfans Account on Your Other Social Media Accounts

Some employers may view your social media profiles when conducting a thorough background check. If, for example, you advertised your Onlyfans account on another social media profile (via a link), an eagle-eyed employer might catch the advertisement when looking through the said profile.

In other words, you’ll have to cover your digital footprint by deleting allusions to the account from all social profiles.

2. Your Work Email is Linked to Your Onlyfans Account

Supposing you have only one email account you use for everything (work and personal), an employer can use the email to learn about your account with Onlyfans.

They can simply try to create an Onlyfans account using your email address and see if it exists in the Onlyfans database. If they cannot create an account with your email, they can conclude you had an account on the platform.

Once again, the employer would have to be highly motivated to discover your account, perhaps due to the stringent code of ethics they expect employees to follow.

3. Nothing Is Truly Deleted from the Internet

Even if you delete your Onlyfans account, a Google search can still provide your prospective employer with information that tells them you were on the platform. On Onlyfans, fans of creators can download content posted by creators they follow. If your fans have uploaded screenshots of your content with your name attached, a Google search may throw it up.

Reasons Why Companies Conduct Comprehensive Background Checks

Some employers go the extra mile when conducting background checks. For example, the employer whose job posting you responded to may operate in a highly-regulated industry like banking. Also, for obvious reasons, government agencies and religious institutions may conduct thorough checks on prospective employees.

The main reason these employers delve so deeply into prospective hires’ personal and professional history is to minimize their risk. The hiring process takes up a lot of time and resources that companies will not get back if they’ve hired someone who turns out to have a criminal or, in this case, a lascivious past. Moreover, the employer may fear that a prospect’s history may affect their reputation.

Sometimes, the employer may simply want to gain insight into a prospective hiree to determine whether the applicant will fit into the company’s culture.

Therefore, employers will run a comprehensive background check to screen applicants and avoid unexpected blowback from a bad hire later on down the line.

How Comprehensive are Comprehensive Checks?

As mentioned above, some industries are more heavily regulated than others, which may determine how thoroughly a company digs up information on an applicant.

So, while some companies will limit checks to State and Court records, others may go a step further, using search engines like Google to find information the prospective employee uploaded to the internet of their own volition. Such information may include posts on networking and social media profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Onlyfans.

Tax Form 1099-NEC

As stated on the Internal Revenue Service’s website, you use form 1099-NEC to report non-employee compensation.

If you’ve earned money through your Onlyfans and filed tax form 1099-NEC, your prospective employer may be privy to this information. This is because your tax filing constitutes a government record available in the public domain. As such, it’s one of the many government records a prospective employer may rely on during the job screening process.

Does Every Employer Run a Comprehensive Background Check?

Not really. Usually, most small companies in unregulated industries will do a basic check. Basic background checks reveal information like your:

Along with your educational qualifications and job-relevant skills, many companies deem the above information to be enough to determine whether you’ll be a good fit for the role.


An employer discovering you have an Onlyfans account via a background check depends on how comprehensively they run it and whether you’ve earned enough money from the platform to file form 1099-NEC.

While not every employer will delve deeply into your digital history, those that operate in regulated or sensitive industries might. If an employer is determined enough, deleting your account before applying may not be sufficient to prevent them from discovering the account.