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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
University Of The District Of Columbia Security4200 Connecticut Avenue NorthwestWashingtonDC20008202-274-5050
District of Columbia Police Departments
Farley Police DepartmentFirst Street NortheastWashingtonDC20002
Metropolitan Police Department - Asian Liaison Unit616 H Street NorthwestWashingtonDC20001202-724-8009
Metropolitan Police Department - Central Regional Operations Command501 New York Avenue NorthwestWashingtonDC20001202-576-8881
Metropolitan Police Department - East Regional Operations Command3244 Pennsylvania Avenue SoutheastWashingtonDC20020202-645-5333
Metropolitan Police Department - First District Substation500 E Street SoutheastWashingtonDC20003202-698-0068
Metropolitan Police Department - Latino Liaison Unit1800 Columbia Road NorthwestWashingtonDC20009202-673-4445
Metropolitan Police Department - North Regional Operations Command801 Shepherd Street NorthwestWashingtonDC20011202-576-6600
Metropolitan Police Department - Sixth District Substation2701 Pennsylvania Avenue SoutheastWashingtonDC20020202-698-2088
Metropolitan Police Department - Third District Substation750 Park Road NorthwestWashingtonDC20010202-576-8222
Metropolitan Police Department Seventh District2455 Alabama Avenue SoutheastWashingtonDC20020202-698-1500
Metropolitan Police Department-Fifth District1805 Bladensburg Road NortheastWashingtonDC20002202-698-0150
Metropolitan Police Department-First District415 4th Street SouthwestWashingtonDC20024202-698-0555
Metropolitan Police Department-Fourth District6001 Georgia Avenue NorthwestWashingtonDC20011202-715-7400
Metropolitan Police Department-Headquarters300 Indiana Avenue NorthwestWashingtonDC20001202-727-4218
Metropolitan Police Department-Second District3320 Idaho Avenue NorthwestWashingtonDC20016202-715-7300
Metropolitan Police Department-Sixth District100 42nd Street NortheastWashingtonDC20019202-698-0880
Metropolitan Police Department-Third District1620 V Street NorthwestWashingtonDC20009202-673-6815
Washington Metro Area Transit Police Department600 5th Street NorthwestWashingtonDC20001202-962-1550
District of Columbia DEA Office
Washington DC DEA Office800 K Street NorthwestWashingtonDC20001202-305-8800
District of Columbia FBI Offices
Washington DC FBI Office555 11th Street NorthwestWashingtonDC20004202-737-0148
Washington DC FBI Office935 Pennsylvania Avenue NorthwestWashingtonDC20535202-637-0811
Washington DC FBI Office601 4th Street NorthwestWashingtonDC20535202-278-2000
District of Columbia Probation Department
District Of Columbia Probation Department333 Constitution Avenue NorthwestWashingtonDC20001202-565-1300
District of Columbia Criminal Records & Warrants Databases
District of Columbia Department of Corrections Website
District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Citations
District of Columbia Most Wanted List
Georgetown University Police Department Daily Crime Log
Metropolitan Police Department Crime Reports
Metropolitan Police Department Sex Offender Search
(114)District of Columbia Police Departments

Easy Access to Criminal Records Searches

What are Warrants? Warrant Records in District of Colombia? For those of you who may not know, a Warrant is an arrest warrant or criminal complaint that has been executed and is now a public record. You can freely search any person’s background information with the assistance of a Warrant Records in Colombia.

Warrant Records in District of Colombia

Why would anyone want to access a warrant? Well, for one thing, anyone can obtain copies of someone else’s warrant. This can be done either by hiring a professional service to do it for you can also do it yourself. The reasons vary from person to person and it depends on your reason for needing the copy in the first place. If you are just trying to satisfy curiosity and don’t have any intentions of doing anything illegal, then a service from a professional agency is more likely your best bet. However, if you need the information for any type of lawful purpose, then doing it yourself is the way to go.

So what exactly does a Warrant Records in District of Colombia entail? You’ll first need to find yourself a website that offers this service. Search engines are your best bet, although you should also make sure that your choice of site has been recommended by others. Once you’ve found the right website, you’ll need to fill out the necessary information and submit your information. Once you’ve submitted it you’ll be sent a link to the desired information. You will then be able to view the person’s criminal records, if any, as well as warrant information.

Now, you have the power to see the criminal records of someone! But there are a few things you must keep in mind when doing this. First, these types of records are considered to be public information and should be freely available to anyone who requests them. Second, you must remain completely legal to obtain this information. By performing a search with a Service from a professional agency, you will be lawfully permitted to make such a search.

Now let’s talk about warrant searches. A warrant is essentially a court order that states that a person committed a specific act. These warrants may be based on a variety of reasons ranging from someone loitering in a public place without a license to someone convicted of a felony. To perform a search, all you need to do is give the website the person’s name, date of birth, social security number, and the state they live in. It’s as simple as that! These records are readily available and are considered public record, so you’re free to see them.

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