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So you have decided that you want to enter the game of online dating. The thought of putting yourself out there might seem a little scary and most people don’t know the first thing about setting up an online profile.

Remember that the persona you create online has to precisely reflect who you are and in the same sense be able to attract potential mates to want to engage in socializing with you.

If you think creating a dating profile is as simple as writing a few famous life quotes as you bio and posting hundreds of selfies then you need to read this.

We’ve gathered some information on what experts say you should be using in your dating profile. So whether you have been doing the online dating thing for a while with no success, or you are a complete newbie to this virtual platform, take a cue and see how you might get lucky with the help of a great profile using these top tips:

Expert: Lisa Hoehn
Claim to fame:
She is the founder of the website Profile Polish that jazzes up online profiles to make them stand out from the crowd.

Her top tips:

1. Be who you say you are – If you say that you are a sports fan, you need to be able to talk about this and relate to similar minded people. Never say that you are something you’re not.
2. Who you are looking for isn’t as important as who you are – your profile should depict who you are in detail so that the reader can get a clear image in their head.
3. Don’t reveal it all – you have to create a summary of who you are, not tell your life story. You will need something to talk about on that first date.
4. Smile – This is a no brainer, people are more attracted to photo of someone smiling than that of a grumpy looking face.

Expert:  Wendy Newman
Claim to fame:
Author & Dating, Sex & Relationship coach

Wendy has some pro tips for when it comes to choosing the best photo to use on your dating profile. You can read the full article here, but her best tips are:

  1. Don’t use a picture where you are far off in the distance, people want to see your face so use a close up pic.
  2. Please wear clothes on the picture you choose to use. Showing a little skin might be tempting but keep it modest.
  3. Don’t cut out someone from a picture and use the remaining part as your profile pic, it’s downright creepy!


Expert: E-Flirt Expert
Claim to Fame: They spruce up online profiles and make you “pop” from the crowd

The people from E-Flirt Expert give you a heads up on how to avoid common profile poopers and make your profile stand out from the rest:

  1. State the details – if you say you like to take adventure trips, mention where you have been and where you plan on going. This will get like-minded individuals to actually take the time to look into your profile.
  2. Have some faith in the game – Don’t tell the world that you signed up to online dating as a dare or that you are just “testing the waters”. Online dating is a real thing and people aren’t interested in people who aren’t confident in the game.
  3. Keep it short and sweet – Don’t write an autobiography and don’t summarize yourself in one paragraph, you have to tell just enough to keep them interested and wanting more.

For more information, read their full article here.


Expert: Julie Spira
Claim to Fame:
She’s a cyber-dating expert and author of the book The Perils of Cyber Dating

  1. Market yourself – She says that an online profile is like real estate. The better you promote yourself, the more interest you will have.
  2. If you can, use a professionally taken photo – This will make you look great and like you really are serious about the idea on finding a possible lover on the net.
  3. If you find someone you like, send them a PERSONAL letter – people immediately recognize a generic “copy and paste” intro letter, be specific and pay attention to the individual.

Read the full interview for her take on Netiquette and all things cyber-dating here:

Expert: Marie Claire Magazine Relationship Blog

The beauty mag Marie Claire also has some great advice when it comes to making you profile stand out from among the thousands of other hopefuls:

  1. Get a friend’s input – they might give you something unique about yourself to write about.
  2. Go for something out of the ordinary – everyone “loves the outdoors” and “being with friends” but put something more interesting in there that won’t leave you looking like part of the plain Jane’s.
  3. Keep it friendly – instead of going on about how you strongly dislike this or that focus on the things you DO like, happy thoughts and words attract people like magnets.
  4. Please, please use the correct grammar – If you “is going” then you honestly aren’t going anywhere. People pick up on these things and you have to make sure that your profile is in the best state when you are putting yourself “out there”.

You can read the full article here.


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