Somervell County Texas Court Records

Court Records

Court Records in Somervell County Texas

The Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security in Somervell County Texas keeps a wide variety of Court Records. These include criminal and civil lawsuits. The Sheriff’s Office also maintains court records. These can be searched online and during regular business procedures. If you are seeking information regarding a particular person, the Justice of the Peace’s website will give you detailed information. The department can help you find public notices and open court records.

The Somervell County District Clerk’s office is responsible for docketing and filing court documents. Its website offers several resources, including a monthly court appointment and fee report, temporary order forms, and a non-disclosure form. The 18th District Court is located in Somervell County and is presiding over the district. The judges are Sydney Hewlett, Teresa Steed, Rene Hall, and Joy Penney.

Somervell County, Texas has a District Clerk who is responsible for filing and docketing court documents. The District Clerk’s website also offers information on court fees, filing fees, temporary orders, and non-disclosure forms. The District Clerk’s office is located in the 18th-district court, where the judge is Sydney Hewlett. The District Clerk’s office is also responsible for coordinating military discharges and voter registration.

Somervell County, Texas’ District Clerk is responsible for maintaining and filing court documents. The District Clerk’s website also contains information on the county’s current court appointments, filing fees, and temporary order forms. The 18th-district court in Somervell County is located in Glen Rose. The judges are: Rene Hall, Teresa Steed, and Joy Penney. The Administrative Officer for the district clerk’s office is Joy Penney.

Somervell County is home to the District & County Clerk. These offices keep vital records for Somervell County residents. These records include birth, death, marriage licenses, and divorce records. The district & county clerk also maintains census and family history records. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5 pm. If you want to check out court records in Somervell, you can visit the district registrar’s office at the State Capitol.

You can search for Somervell County court records online by typing in the case number or date. Somervell County vital records include marriage licenses, divorce decrees, and assumed business names. Somervell County’s District & County Clerk maintains these vital files and may be of assistance to you if you need to know someone’s background. If you are looking for court records in Somervell County, you can search them using the District & City Clerk’s office.

Driving while intoxicated is the most common criminal offense in Somervell County. Various locations in the county may result in arrests. The most common places for arrests include BorderTown Sports Bar, Rooster Bar & Grill, and Back Porch Sports Grill. You may even be arrested at a private residence. The Sheriff’s Office has an extensive archive of somervell County court records.